As APPROVED at WINTER 2002 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

May 5, 2001 - 3:00 pm
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

In Attendance were:

Eric Moore AVST
Manga Dalizu FAST
Kerstin Severin HACC
Dave Tonnesen OCCS
Peter Karl TCSD
Dale Lewis TNT
Victor Abrahamian VSC
Beth Kramer WARD
George Massey YORK
John Blaschke PVS
Coco Buck PVS
Thirl Crudup PVS
Jim Garner PVS
John Hirschmann PVS
Bob Walker PVS
Greg York PVS

The Competition Chairman Jim Garner called the meeting to order at 3:00pm. The Winter Competition Committee Minutes were approved without amendment.

Review of BoD Actions from Winter CCM
Thirl Crudup, Jim Garner and Bob Walker discussed the actions taken at the previous BoD meeting in April. Specifically the denial by the BoD of the request to add a PVS sponsored meet in December (Club Championships). It was explained to the body that there was not enough information presented at the BoD meeting for the BoD to justify adding a meet when there appeared to be several meets in that time frame servicing all the LSC's athletes. Lengthy discussion followed regarding this issue and the December club meet hosted by Curl Burke Swim Club and the body's concern over giving more opportunities to the PVS athletes in this LSC and the influx of faster swimmers from out of this LSC swimming at this meet. It was noted by John Blaschke (Coaches Representative) that no club contacted him after he made public statements to the effect if you have comments or concerns regarding this event to let him know so he could assist in presenting their side at the BoD meeting. Bob Walker further noted that he after numerous conversations also had no clear concept of this meet and the real reason behind the Competition Committee's request. The body requested a PVS only heat at finals. Jim Garner indicated he would pursue the matter.

Thirl Crudup took some time to discuss the comments from Sue Anderson from USA Swimming who visited this area in January. She noted that this LSC was unlike many others with the huge proportion of Coach owned clubs and the need to support and educate the clubs/coaches on club management. She also was surprised at the number of clubs utilizing one facility at the same time. This is a concept totally foreign to her and was surprised at how well the clubs managed this situation. Further Thirl Crudup reported Sue Anderson noted the level of stress in this area caused by everything from traffic on the beltway to work to the general political climate of the region.

Review of BoD Retreat
Thirl Crudup discussed the BoD retreat that was held in late April the report that was published as follows.

Senior Swimming
Summer LC Sectional
Discussion occurred regarding the LC Sectional meet to be held outdoors at the UMBC pool in July. Concern was raised over the fact this meet is being held outdoors and the threat of rain or lightening delays was very real. Options such as offering the GMU or UMD pools to the MD Swimming club hosting the meet were brought forward - Irene Millman indicated that neither of those pools was available for rental on the specified date and therefore that was not an option.

John Blaschke indicated that having been at a meet in the Virginia LSC earlier in the day had heard that those clubs that were that concerned over it were simply going to look elsewhere for an event. He also noted that those clubs making those statements had other options such as Y Nationals. Thirl Crudup indicated that as far as conversations he had had with other General Chairs the LSC's were supporting the meet and had little or no control over the club's independent decisions.

It was agree by consensus of the body that PVS would support this meet and each club had to make choices that were appropriate for their athletes.

Jim Garner noted that the QT for this meet had not yet been finalized and would be a major topic of discussion at the upcoming Zone Meeting.

Age Group Swimming
Zone Team Report from Meet Manager
Linda Crudup and Ward Foley were not present to make a statement regarding the Zone Team, however Bob Walker did make a statement. "WE WON!!!!!!!" The meet was held at PGS&LC and was a great success for our LSC and Athletes.

SC 2000/01
Review of the Season The short course season has been completed and with no significant issues discussion was limited to the length of the distance meet in January and what caused such increased interest.

LC 2001
There was only brief discussion regarding the forthcoming Long Course season, the venues and the hosts. The move to UMD for AG and SR Champs was discussed to remind all the coaches of the format and location change from earlier in the planning process.

Zone Coach Selection - Head coach and Assistant Head Coach only Brief discussion regarding the procedures for the 4 assistant coaches took place.
Elected were:
George Massey from York as Head Coach
Brendan Betts from OCCS as Assistant Head Coach

SC 2001/02
Out of LSC Teams at Opens
As mentioned in the Report from the BoD Retreat the BoD in light of other proposed club meets would like the concurrence of the competition committee to allow out of LSC teams to participate in the October and November opens.

Motion to allow out of LSC teams at the October and (depending on the response) November Opens. PASSES

January Open SCM vs SCY
After in depth investigation for pool availability and further communication with the Coaching community John Blaschke has withdrawn the format of SCM for the January Open and the meet will now be held as SCY. The body concurred.

Review and approval SCY Schedule
The proposed final version of the SCY Schedule for 2001-02 was presented. See attached. Discussion followed regarding the body's desire to approve the schedule with the exception of the December CUBU meet pending further communication with the club. Format changes as were previously discussed in this meeting were the reason for withholding approval.

Bob Walker noted the Zone Meeting was to be held in Portland, Maine on the following weekend and the SCY Zone and Sectional meets would be decided at that time. He asked that if any club were interested they contact the administrative office for further information on the presentation process.

Reports from the BoD
Greg York commented on the completion of the second Mini Camp and it's success. He thanked all those that supported the event and the Athletes who volunteered. He indicated the possibility of running a similar camp in the fall of 2001.

Irene Millman reminded coaches to attach their safety certifications to their applications for PVS Coaching credentials. Failure to do so severely delays the process and creates a tremendous amount of follow-up. Clubs in attendance were reminded That all athlete registrations will be electronic next year and the forms for Non-Athletes and club renewals will be forwarded on receipt from USA swimming.

Old Business

New Business


Motion to adjourn at 6:12pm

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Millman

Potomac Valley Swimming