As APPROVED at FALL 2002 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

May 13 , 2002 - 8:00 pm
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

In attendance:

Ward Foley AAC
Rick Curl CUBU
Kerry Ellett CUBU
Rodger McCoy DCPR
Kerstin Severin HACC
Dan Jacobs MACH
Dave Tonnesen OCCS
Mark Eldridge RMSC
Todd Benedick RMSC
Victor Abrahamian VSC
George Massey YORK
Thirl Crudup PVS
Matt Dugan PVS
Jim Garner PVS
John Hirschmann PVS
Linda Klopfenstein PVS
Bill Marlin PVS
Bob Walker PVS
Greg York PVS

Called to order - 7:50

Approval of the Winter Competition Committee Minutes
Approved as presented

Irene provided the following review of BoD Actions from Winter CCM
  • BoD tabled funding for NESCA Jr National Meet pending feed back from and further review of the meet and it's sanctioning.
  • Competition schedule --Irene Millman and Bob Walker both commented with Thirl's support that once a schedule is set it must remain in place. Pool rentals are becoming more difficult to secure and the closer to the season we get the more difficult it is to make changes.
  • Jan Open Refunds resulting of shift of Saturday session to Monday have been approved and Irene advised that they have been paid.
  • Jan Open facility response in January Administrative Report

Committee Reports
LC 2003 review Committee - Dave Tonnesen
Dave Tonnesen presented some informal ideas as outlined in a email he previously circulated to his Committee.
Major ideas proposed were:
  • Combine Senior and Junior champs by either making Juniors the "in between meet" as age group is now or plan on "A" and "B" flights in prelims,
  • ,
  • include 13-14 yo in Age Grp Champs and move it to its own weekend, -- there are a subset of issues on new meet format incld whether it should now be prelim/finals,
  • establish PVS Sr Circuit LC meets,
  • encourage dual LC meets,
  • establish dual LC series of meets, and
  • encourage summer leagues to conduct LC meet to expose their swimmers to that type of swimming.

SCY 2003-04 review Committee - Bill Marlin
  • An exchange of ideas -- nothing formal;
  • Due to HS schedule and heavy PVS schedule looking at playing with it to reduce the stress on the kids and the parents
  • I
  • nclude LC meet or two in April or May; as well as possibly January
  • One day meet for Jan Open -- Sunday only
  • Older age groups would always have the afternoon session during HS season

Bob Walker instructed both committees to email the office official proposals one to two weeks prior to the Fall CCM so they could be distributed to encourage input form member clubs/coaches

Notes from the Eastern Zone Meeting
(Provided by Irene Millman)

The following dates and locations for meets have been set

SCY Zones for 2003 - March 27-29 2003 will be in NJ at GCIT
It is proposed that:
  • Selection of the 14 & under team will be at the end of AG JO champs.
  • Selection of the 15-18 athletes will be at the end of Sectionals.
  • SCY Speedo Championship Series (sectionals) March 20-23, 2003 in NJ at GCIT.

    The following meets will be bid at the Zone meeting in September in Dallas, TX during the United States Aquatic Sports convention.

    Speedo Championship Series Region 1 and 2
    LCM 2003
    SCY 2004
    LCM 2004

    Zone Meet
    LCM 2003
    SCY 2004
    LCM 2004

    The following changes to the Zone Meet format (both SC and LC) were proposed and acted upon as noted.

    Addition of the 200 Stroke for 11-12 y/o       APPROVED
    Addition of the 400/500 Free for 10 & under       APRROVED
    Addition of the 400 IM for 11-12 y/o       FAILED
    Addition of the 800/1000 and 1500/1650 Free for 11-12 y/o      FAILED

    QT for LCM Zone meet for the 11-12 y/o Stroke will be the same % difference as used for the 13-14 y/o events of the same stroke from the 100 M to the 200 M event.       APPROVED

    Zone Meets the Boys 12 & Under cuts will be equivalent to the girls 12 & under cuts effective this year for the long course meet in Buffalo.

    A vote will be taken after reviewing this season's LCM SCS meets to be determine if one Super Sectional for the whole Eastern Zone should be held. This vote will occur at the Zone meeting in September in Dallas.

    Changes to PVS meet format that will be recommended as a result of these actions:

    • 200 stroke for the 11-12 y/o age group will be added to the three open meets and the AG JO Champs meet effective with the 2002-03 season and the AG I & II and LC AG Champs meet for the 2003 season.
    • 400/500 Free 9-10 y/o age group will be added to the three open meets and the AG JO Champs meet effective with the 2002-03 season and the AG I & II and LC AG Champs meet for the 2003 season.
    USA Swimming Board of Directors Meeting

    Kerry Ellett provided the following information, based primarily on the USA Swimming Board meeting in early May: Governance Study - on web might want to look at it. Will have a profound effect on the way USA Swimming at all levels (including the LSC's) is run.

    • Dues Increase passed by the board will go to the House of Delegates at convention in 2003. $15.00 in 2004 and a $1 each year there after for 10 years.
    • Club membership in its newest form approved by the of USA Swimming Board-doesn't affect existing clubs but does affect new clubs.
    • Splash TV reincarnated June 2 on Nickelodeon 5 shows will be shown several times a month. Reformatted for 14 & unders with lifestyles segments and other aspects of how swimming is integral to their daily life
    • New sponsor in spring of 2002, V8 Splash will have teardrop logo on their labels lots of great advertising for USA Swimming
    Age Group Swimming
    Zone Team Report from Head Coach -- George Massey

    Things went well at SC Eastern Zone Championship meet, kids swam well, first time we traveled in a while, article is posted on the web page, fun to travel we came in second.

    Selection of the LC Zone Team Head and Assistant Head Coaches

    Nominations for Head and Assistant Head Coach for LC 2002 Head Coach
    George Massey - approved
    Assistant Head Coach
    Dave Kraft - approved

    Remaining Staff to be selected at the LC championship meetsTwo 13 & over coaches will be selected at Sr Champs and two 12 & under at AG champs.

    SC 2002/03
    The following format changes were attached..
    • 200 stroke for the 11-12 y/o age group will be added to the three open meets and the AG JO Champs meet effective with the 2002-03 season and the AG I & II and LC AG Champs meet for the 2003 season.
    • 400/500 Free 9-10 y/o age group will be added to the three open meets and the AG JO Champs meet effective with the 2002-03 season and the AG I & II and LC AG Champs meet for the 2003 season.

    The Committee endorsed the calendar as provided by the Administrative Office Office (see attached.)

    The Committee also endorsed Chris Huott's possible Long Course meets if all required information is received.

    Bob Walker requested that John Hirschmann to look at possible format changes in events to accommodate the additional events and to work with George Massey on the three opens. Discussion followed and John suggested we attempt to get Friday night water for the January Open as well. Irene Millman responded that she would look into it and see what could be done at this late date. Bob Walker commented that if we can offer at least at the two open meets before the championships that would be good. Vote to add Friday to Jan Open if available. PASSED

    Kirstin Severin asked the committee to approve if she could get the water a Friday night session for her Harvest Moon Meet in October. Passed

    Old Business

    New Business

    John B resigned as Distance Coordinator. Bob Walker advised that Rod Montrie is the new Open Water Coordinator.

    John Hirschmann asked about Open Water Coordinator. Bob Walker responded that John Blaschke is still in that position.

    John Hirschmann shared with the Committee that entries for the 2003 EZ SC Championship meet will be accepted through 1pm on Tuesday. The meet starts on Thursday. This means team participation will have to be done very quickly if PVS wishes to use the Sectional meet on the prior weekend as meet from which "best times" will be accepted for team selection purposes.

    Mark Eldridge brought up concerns about selecting the 14 & under team at the end of JO's. Discussion followed. Greg York stated that we should select the 13 -14 swimmer at the JO Championship since that is their culminating meet. This would give them a meet three weeks out of zones and avoid swimming at sectionals and then swim again at zones a few days later. Mark disagreed and stated that the 13-14 should swim at sectionals since this is for some their culminating meet. Further discussion continued regarding the logistic of putting a zone team together and how to get all the contact information to the Zone team manager.

    Mark Eldridge moved that the 12 & Unders be selected at PVS 14/U JO meet and that the 13 & Over would be selected off the Senior Champs meet. Fastest times from September 1, 2002 would be used. Passed

    Ward Foley moved to amend the previously passed motion pertaining to how the 13 & over team will be selected. - 13 &14 y/o swimmers be selected at the end of JO. 15-18 y/o to be selected at the end of the Speedo Championship Series - Passed 7 -3

    The application process was discussed at great length. Bob Walker, George Massey and Linda Crudup will work on improving it.

    Changes of the PVS MEET FORMAT

    Bill Marlin asked coaches present about adding the 500 FREE FOR 10 & UNDER to the distance meets - discussion followed and Mark Eldridge commented that he did not think this was feasible, but the new distance coordinator should look into it. It was further commented that we have a hard enough time finding water - evidenced by no water for one day of the February Distance meet. Adding an event would make it more difficult. The suggestion was withdrawn.

    Kerry Ellett expressed concerned over the QT for the new events and that the QT across the board need to be adjusted to keep the championship meets to a reasonable time line.

    Motion to Add the 10 & Under 400/500 free and 11-12 200 Back, Breast and Fly to the PVS open. AG I and II LC and both SC and LC Age Group Championship meets. Passed

    Bob Walker amended his previous committee to include Dave Tonnesen and himself to work with John Hirschmann and George Massey on reformatting the event order to include this event.

    Greg York made the following motion that SCY champs 2003 will have NFT Qt to sectionals and the age groups be amended to 15 & over.

    Discussion - Bob Walker felt the 15 & overs swim a lot at this time of year and this would give them a true culminating together going to one meet top end sections kids can then swim sectional meets and at Zones. Making the SCY meet more like the former JR Champs meet of two winters ago. Further discussion continued regarding who should be included or excluded from what meet and what different coaches or clubs use as their culminating meets.

    Greg York indicated he is in support of the meet format change and stated that HS kids swim too many meets. If a club wants to have super fast swims then let a club run a fast meet, too many used it as a tune up and not a real championship meet.

    Question called whether SCY would be a 15 & over meet to with cuts to sectionals with no bottom cut. Motion Failed

    Jim Garner stated that he had been asked to split the SCY Champs back to the previous Jr and Sr champs for 2004 season. He will report to the committee at the fall CCM.

    Next Meeting
    The Committee agreed to set the Fall CCM Date as Saturday, September 21, 2002 @ 10 am River Falls.

    Adjourned at 10:33pm