As APPROVED at SPRING 2002 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

January 12, 2002 - 10:00 am
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

In Attendance were:

Ward Foley AAC
Eric Moore AVST
Manga Dalizu FAST
Pete Morgan CUBU
Kerry Ellett CUBU
Kerstin Severin HACC
Dan Jacobs MACH
Chris Huott MSSC
Dave Tonnesen OCCS
Steve Ercolano PM
Todd Benedick RMSC
Kent Williams RMSC
Mike Pluiskaitis SNOW
Peter Karl TCSD
Dale Lewis TNT
Victor Abrahamian VSC
George Massey YORK
John Blaschke PVS
Thirl Crudup PVS
Jim Garner PVS
John Hirschmann PVS
Bill Marlin PVS
Bob Walker PVS
Greg York PVS

Chairman Bob Walker at called the meeting to order 10:09am
The minutes for the May 2001 and September 2001 meetings were approved.

Age Group Swimming Zone Team Update

Linda Crudup will get to John Hirschmann the updated list of athletes that have completed a Zone application.

Elections for SCY Zone Team Head and Assistant Head Coach had been held in September the Head coach is George Massey and the Assistant Head Coach is Evan Stiles.

The Chair reminded the body that the balance of the coaching staff would be elected at the SCY championship meets. 2 coaches for the 12 and unders and 2 coaches for the 13 & overs would be selected at the JO meet for 12 & under and Sectionals for the 13 & over. John Blaschke would be conducting the elections for Zone Coaches.

Senior Swimming

Nothing to Report

LC 2002 Awards of LC Bids

See the schedule as attached

The Chair stated we were in need of three more meet hosts for the following meets Distance, AGI and AGII

AAC bid to run AG II at Rockville - Approved by the Meet Award Committee
VSC bid to run AGI at Lee District Pool - Approved by the Meet Award Committee
TCSD bid to run the Distance Meet pending approval of their BoD - confirmation to Irene at the Office would be given next week upon confirmation the bid was approved by the meet award committee.

Please note the change in the LC schedule as changed by the Board of Directors - Jr. Champs and Sr. Champs now July 11-14 Jr. champs - July 19-21

Kent from RMSC motioned changing the AG Champ format and moving the meet date for this season - discussion followed which included moving AG champs to JR champs weekend at the same venue and having the meet later in the season to give the kids more LC swimming later in the summer. Motion Withdrawn

Further discussion continued regarding this Long Course Season. Mike P suggested having SR Champs three weeks before Sectionals and the sectionals would be three weeks before Nationals - he and others expressed concern over when the LC season was ending.

Steve Ercolano pointed out that changes at this late date to the 2002 LC season were out of order. Mike P moved that the BoD reconsider the date change the AG Champs meet be moved to the later weekend of Jr Champs. All other motions to change the 2002 LC season were withdrawn having been ruled out of order by the Chairman.

Mike .P further stated that he feels PVS does not support LC swimming, based oin the amount of money PVS budgets for Zone teams (SCY vs LCM) and the fact that SCY Ag Champs meet is porelims/finals and the LC AG Champs meet is not. If some of this is because of the competitive nature of summer league then those issues need to be addressed.

Further discusiion was spurred regarding PVS frequently adjusting our SCY schedule to accommodate Hws swimming. Bill Marlin's proposal; was discussed, and unpon further ;engthly discussion regarding both the LC and SCY schedules the Chair ruled committees should be formed to further evaluate these issues and possible format and scheudleing changes.

The following comiittees were formed:
LC 2003 evaluation committee: Dave Tonnesen, Kent Williams, Mike P, Pete Morgan or another CUBU representative. Greg York was asked to sit on the committee as Strategic Planning Chair.

Mike P made a motion at this time that JR champs be run as timed finals between prelims and finals of SR champs and then add 13-14 to the AG Champs meet.. Discussion followed - Motion Withdrawn.

SC 2002/03

Meet bids due April 15th

Dave Tonnesen expressed concern regarding "caving" to high school meets/schedule. Further Discussion regarding Bill Marlin's written proposal regarding how PVS interacts with the HS system. Steve Ercolano stated that is a club issues and the in the PVS mission statement PVS is required to provide minimum schedule through three opens and championship meets. Further discussion continued regarding we are not placating HS Swimmers but we are giving 14 & under swimmers more opportunity to swim and not cut out other activities.

Mike P questioned if this was the philosophy that PVS and or USA Swimming should be taking, giving priority to HS and Summer League. Greg York stated that we are not giving them priority but in fact living with what is reality. USA Swimming is well aware of these conflicts and is working with various other swimming organizations to better understand the programs and how UAS Swimming and it's member clubs can better work with them.

Motion by Bill Marlin that the 13 & over sessions of the January Open always be the last session to give our HS athletes the most opportunity to swim given what we know about our HS schedules.

Lengthy discussion occurred regarding our PVS athletes that their primary focus tright now is either HS or Summer and we should be trying to find ways to keep them involved in PVS and not telling them to make a choice. Further discussion occurred regarding whom these athletes participate in PVCS programs and events and that we need to protect them, keep their interest up without burning them out.

The question was called and passed 10-4

Ward Foley expressed concern that because of the rule about swimming club meets on PVS meet weekends it may be diffucult to request sanctions for alternative meets for these athletes, Bob Walker assured Ward the Board will be asked to take that into consideration.

Greg stated we can't manage the HS and Summer schedules and although Bill's proposal has merit it needs to be incorporated into the 2003-04 SCY schedule.

Bob Walker appointed a committee of Bill Marlin, Mike P, Niels Moore, and Dan Jacobs with Greg in an advisory Capacity to review the SCY 2003-04 season.

Bob Walker asked both this and the previously formed LC committee to bring reports back to the May CCM. Greg asked that they submit their reports to the Administrative Office about a week in advance so Irene could circulate those reports. Jim Garner has also been asked to look at reformatting the SCY Champs meet for the 2003-04 season as well.

Old Business


New Business

Dave Tonnesen initiated a discussion regarding the NESCA Jr National Meet. Discussion followed regarding this event and possible funding for the PVS athletes attending it. Dave stated PVS should support those athletes attending it and provide travel funding for that meet just like US Open and Nationals. Lengthy discussion followed regarding the viability of this meet and USA Swimming sanctioning.

Mike P would like to see PVS support USA Swimming events only, this meet is rebellious and not a USA Swimming JR National meet and put our efforts and any funding toward sectional meets and nationals and not take away our commitment to USA Swimming meets

Motion If the NESCA Jr. National Meet is sanctioned by USA Swimming the committee requests the PVS BoD review possible funding for this event. PASSES

Peter Karl asked about the issues regarding pool rental for the distance meets and the January Open. He asked that the General Chair submit in writing to the committee a response not later than the Spring meeting. This was subsequently responded to in writing in the January BoD meeting Administrative Report.

Peter Karl further requested that a policy be drafted regarding the removal or cancellation of a club meet that had previously been sanctioned and placed on the schedule. Thirl acknowledged this request.

Pete Morgan brought forward the issues of Monday swimming at two of the venues for the January Open.
Discussion followed.
The committee agreed that refunds for the two sites with Monday swimming would be considered for refunds and that further discussion on this would take place at the board of director's meeting next week.

Greg York asked if athletes or clubs could not attend the meet on Monday if sanctions for replacement meets would be granted - Bob Walker assured the committee that Irene would sanction all requests for meets of this nature. Peter Karl, asked the deck entry fee for Monday session only be waved.

Identify all refunds requested for Jan open to the Office via email by noon January 17th
Deck entries will be at regular entry fees for Monday sessions of the PGS&LC VENUES ONLY

Spring CCM meeting will be May 13th at 8pm River Falls.

Adjourned 12:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Millman