Approved at Spring 1998 Meeting as amended

JANUARY 3, 1998
1:00 P.M.

The PVS Competition Committee meeting was called to order by Ward Foley, Age Group Chairman. Present were:

AAC:Steve Gilman HACC: Kerstin Severin PVS: Linda Crudup
ATC: Mike Johnson JFD: Joe Flaherty Thirl Crudup
AVST: Eric Moore MMST: Elizabeth Burton Steve Ercolano
CUBU: Kerry Ellett PM: Barry Marlin Ward Foley
FAST: Manga Dalizu RMSC:Mark Eldridge John Hirschmann
FBST: Kim Guthrie SOLO: Marilyn Mangels Kit Mathews
GOLD:Rob Griffin TCSD: Ted Pierson Dick Rankin
     Dave Tonnesen

Minutes of October 4, 1997 Competition Committee meeting were approved.

Administrative Division: First draft for the workshop should be out by the beginning of February. The workshop will be held April 25-26. There will be a water session for athletes with some Olympians, a parents track, and a coaches track.

Age Group Division: Ward received a letter from FCPA concerning snack bars set up by clubs using their pools. 15% of all sales from snack bars must be paid to FCPA. Ward has asked FCPA to give him the correct language on this policy.

Operations Division: Thirl reported on his committees.

Officials Committee headed by John Hirschmann has run successful clinics through the first half of SC season, and is now beginning the second half of the clinic schedule. There was good staffing and feedback from JO’s.

Meet Management Committee headed by Jack Mechler is working on meet announcements. The Junior Champs, Senior Champs, and PVS Classic meet announcements will be going out in the mail Monday and will be put up on the web page. The committee will begin working on the LC meet announcements once meets are awarded. There is still a need to get Meet Directors to send results disks to the Office promptly for continuity. The procedure established by Thirl was for results to go to the Office and they would then be forwarded to John for the web page. They will still get on the web in a timely manner. The Division receives the meet pass-down information and issues are reviewed.

Operations Support headed by Don Smith is working on addressing the need for training for meet set-up on Hy-Tek A clinic is being planned to meet this need. Clubs will be notified. Equipment problems have occurred and they are working on resolving those problems.

Meet Entry support is being provided by Becca Peck. She has agreed to assist clubs with meet set-up for the interim. Many clubs have been doing their own set-up. The situation is being monitored.

John Hirschmann noted the new format for Champs of swimming Finals fastest to slowest, and athletes need to be in place in order to find them. It is suggested the swimmers in all finals session heats be readily available to swim. It was questioned if a swimmer is required to move into the faster heat. Ward will look into this matter and have Coaches Rep notify clubs.


There were four applicants: 1 head coach and 3 staff, and the Chair sees no reason for an election. There are six positions to be filled. All candidates are registered and in good standing. Head Coach applicant is Evan Stiles; Staff applicants are Blair Cameron, Shawn Fischer, and Ted Pierson. Chair recommends approval, with Shawn Fischer serving as Assistant Head Coach due to his experience as a zone coach in another LSC. Question was asked if there is a procedure to allow this body to elect an assistant head coach, and are there provisions for filling other slots. There was discussion about opening up the selection process for additional applicants prior to selecting the Assistant Head Coach and about filling the two vacant slots.

MOTION PASSED to select Evan Stiles as Head Coach, Shawn Fischer as Assistant Head Coach, and Blair Cameron and Ted Pierson as Assistant Coaches.

MOTION to take nominations from the floor. Exception to the policy will be requested of the BoD. After discussion, Motion was withdrawn.

Consider fallback position of 2 at-large coaches.

MOTION to allow anyone who wants to nominate a coach, to submit that nomination to Ward and Steve by the BoD meeting and Board will make selection. After discussion, MOTION AMENDED to have Ward receive nominations by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 16, and Ward and Steve will select from nominees and take recommendations to the Board. MOTION PASSED AS AMENDED.


Bids have been received. Some need to be discussed. Recommendation for approval will be taken to the Board at January 20, meeting and then teams will be consulted and the LC Schedule will go out. All meets were bid; several with multiple bids. OCCS submitted a bid that involves format changes and covers several meet dates. Bid is to run a three session meets: 1 Sat. evening and 2 Sun. sessions, giving 13&O three sessions and 12&U three sessions. After discussion, it was decided that this meet could be run as a club meet or run in May, rather than disrupt the current PVS schedule that was established. Dave Tonnesen was asked to submit his proposal in March for consideration.

Housekeeping: Remove OCT 24-25 meet and FEB 13-14 meet because those are club run meets not yet requested
  Change OCT 24-25 and FEB 13-14 to PVS Mini Meet weekend

Competition provided by PVS:

OCTOBER – Open, Mini, and Distance
NOVEMBER – Distance
DECEMBER – Junior Olympic Dec 17-20
JANUARY – Open, Distance, and Mini
FEB/MARCH –- 3 Champ meets

All other weekends in the schedule are available for clubs to run club run meets. Question was asked about an Open and Mini in November. November Mini is a club run meet and November Open was well attended this year, but in the past not well attended. Steve noted that this is a proposed schedule, and that there will be discussion about this schedule.

Meet announcements for club meets to be added to the schedule are due Friday of Junior Champs ( March 6, 1998).

It gives everyone two months to put together whatever else you want to put on the schedule to run as clubs that will require Potomac Valley sanction, other than dual meets. That’s when the meet sheet is given to Potomac Valley for consideration to be added to the schedule. It is recommended that the meet announcement give enough information to understand what is planned, and with written confirmation that a pool is secured or at least requested. At that time, Steve will review and that will become the schedule. It will be distributed at Senior Championships. If there are problems or conflicts that need to be resolved, a special meeting will be held at Senior Champs to evaluate the wishes of the body. At the May meeting the final SC schedule will be ready.

Recommendation to add traditional format 14-15 November Open to PVS schedule. MOTION PASSED. If a club is planning to attend the November Open, that indication needs to be made known to Ward and Steve by May meeting.

CUBU is planning to request November Mini meet. Recommendation to add 6-7 February Qualifier. It was suggested that the January Open be held later, i.e., Jan.23-24 or Jan. 30-31. MOTION PASSED to move January Open to weekend of 23-24 JAN.

MMST has requested that January Mini be moved off Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend of 17-18 JAN. By consensus, date will not be changed.

MOTION PASSED to move January Distance to 9-10 JAN.

Question was asked whether club meets would be held in December.

Meet sheets that are approved in March cannot be changed once they are approved.

HACC is planning to run 12 & Under 500 Freestyle meet.

Question was asked about club meets regarding how much freedom a club has as far as establishing entry fees. Steve responded that club can set fee for entry, surcharge, program fee, etc. Thirl commented that there is written policy concerning entry fees. Steve announced that a committee is preparing a proposal for the Board on financial arrangements for swim meets.

MOTION PASSED to approve the amended 1998-99 PVS Short Course Schedule.


Mark Eldridge asked to have the limit on relay entries at Senior Champs be reconsidered. Senior Champs offers the only opportunity in the second half of the season to swim age group relays short course. RMSC requests that clubs be allowed to enter three relays instead of two. MOTION PASSED that clubs may enter any number of relays that meet the qualifying time, but only two can score.

Meeting adjourned.

Item not recorded on tape; reported by Ward Foley at January 20, 1998 BoD Meeting:

Steve formed an ad hoc committee of himself, Greg York, Mark Eldridge, and Ward Foley, to look into travel assistance procedures.