Draft Minutes until approved at the 2016 meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

House of Delegates

Overlee Community Center

2030 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA

May 19, 2015



·        Attendance – HOD; Bob Walker-ASA, Tim Kelly-NCAP, Elvin Foreman-ERSC, Robert Davis-FAST, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Joe Flaherty-JFD, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Heather Haddock-MAKO, Lynne Gerlach-MSSC, Adrien Thom-LMAC, Mark Eldridge-RMSC, Melanie McKula-SDS, Teresa Meike-SNOW, Lance Page-TANK, Tim Delucia-PGPR, Carrie Tupper-UMAC, Emily Menard-HACC, Betsy Stevenson-NVSL. Board Members: Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Bob Vincent, Manga Dalizu, Steve Menard, Merari Chollette, Tim Husson, Heather Purk, Mike Rubin, Greg York, Murphy Freal, Karina Kolb, Trey McKula. At-Large Delegates; Kurt Thiel, Boots Hall, Linda Klopfenstien. Athlete Reps: Ally Bedell-MAKO, Liam Rowell-HACC, Saralyn Caldwell-HACC, Rach Tao-NCAP, DeAngela Fobbs-UMAC, Olivia Bartholomew-UMAC, Jon Bendana-UMAC, Jack Galbraith-MACH, Lauren Hensley-PM. Non-Voting Members; John Ertter, Sumie Emory & Terri Marlin

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by the General Chair, Bill Marlin, at 7:12 pm

·        Proof of Quorum – Motion to accept the teams that are in attendance as a quorum, seconded and approved.

o   15 of the 43 clubs are present

·        Approval of May 2014 HOD Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the May 20, 2014 House of Delegates Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of 2015 Agenda – Motion to approve the 2015 HOD agenda as presented, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports – Motion to approve the reports as submitted by the Board Members, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair introduced all Board Members to the House of Delegates.

·        Recognition of outgoing Board Members – Thank you all for your years of service.

o   Manga Dalizu fulfilled the final year of the Senior Chair, thank you. He will continue as the 8 & Under Coordinator

o   Mike Rubin has been the Officials Representative for the past 4 year. The Officials Committee will hold elections this summer to find the next Officials Reps.

o   Bob Vincent has been the Treasurer for the past 4 year. He is currently serving as the EZ Officials Chair.

·        General Chair comments on the State of the LSC –

o   In 2013-2014 there were 11697 athletes (Sept 1-May 5), in 2014-2015 11349 athletes (Sept 1-May 5), we decreased by about 3% USA Swimming decreased by over 5%

o   46 clubs this year.

o   As of December, PVS is the 4th largest LSC in USA Swimming.

o   This year we held 41 Officials clinics and 4 online clinics – more than last year. Starting with the summer league clinics. Thank you to all the Officials

o   4 OQM’s. We have 114 Officials with their N2 & N3 certified Officials. PVS Officials have been selected in USA Swimming and National levels meets

o   Continue to go to Conventions as well as additional USA Swimming clinics and workshops, PVS continues to remain committed to being a well-educated LSC.

o   Officials and General Chair Newsletters have continued to be published and well received.

o   Our time standards have continued to get faster and the swimmers are swimming faster.

o   5 winter Juniors, 34 winter seniors. So far there are 31 athletes qualified for 2016 Olympic Trials.

o   SafeSport – Greg York has been traveling and continuing to educate the country in Safe Sport. All clubs are encouraged to continue promoting Safe Sport within their own clubs

o   Diversity – PVS leads all other LSCs in the country. Miriam Lynch continues to lead Diversity in the EZ. Merari, continues to educate member of PVS.

o   Financially, PVS continues to be strong. Meet entry fees may need to be addressed in the near future. Club average is now over $5, PVS open meets are $4.50 and Distance is $6.00. The facility fees continue to rise and we may need to discuss the increase of the fees for PVS meets.

o   The Board works hard all year and work well together and take their responsibilities seriously. We are always looking for new people, as there will be people leaving the board in the future. All BoD meetings are open and we encourage you to attend and learn more about

·        Nominating Committee Report – Art Davis is not in attendance. Greg York will be presenting the nominations.

o   There are 4 positions available, there are 4 current nominations (General Chair (Bill Marlin, incumbent), Finance (JD Foster),  Senior Chair (Mark Faherty) and Diversity (Merari Chollette, incumbent).

o   It was asked 3 times for additional nominations;

o   Elections –

§  Motion to close the nominations, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to accept the slate as nominated by acclimation, seconded and approved.

·        Committee Reports –

o   Admin –

§  Providing services to the LSC

o   Finance –

§  We continue to have a strong financial backbone. Bob has stressed not just looking at the year, but looking at the Quad.

§  John Ertter is not working as the controller, to make sure all the services are met financially.

o   Senior Chair –

§  The cuts have continued to get faster, similar to AG Group swimmers and their success.

§  This summer we will move to a full 4 year format.

§  GMU will not be allowing our SC Junior & Senior Champs to run in the current format. There will be changes and a new format, but on the same weekend at GMU.

o   Age Group Chair –

§  We continue to make our JO cuts faster. The swimmers continue to swim faster.

§  This past year, we removed the distance events from the Open meets, so we could spread out the other events.

o   Operations –

§  Officials Committee –

·        The most active committee in PVS. Without the thousands of hours the Officials volunteers, without them we would not be able to run meets.

·        522 certified officials, can always use more.

·        The committee meets about 7 times per year; to create clinic schedule and name

·        Mike Rubin’s term is ending. During the summer champ meet there will be elections for the new Officials Rep.

·        The committee report online lists out how many officials each club has. 

·        If your club runs meets then you will need more Administrative Officials, would like to see more certified.

·        Under Rules – USA Swimming now recognizes mixed relays as official events. A mixed relay is defined as two males and two females.

§  Technical Committee – Review meet announcement and help clubs with their meet formats.

§  Equipment – it is in really good shape, primarily due to the hard work of Carrie Tupper. Because many of our champ meets have been at the larger facilities so our equipment isn’t used as much.

o   Webmaster –

o   Officials –

§  Another voice on the board representing the Officials.

§  S&T that are newly certified and need recertification. Most ofhte summer clinics will fulfill

§  If any club wants a clinic in the fall, please contact Mike Rubin (VA) or Stead Edwards (MD), and they will help create the clinics

o   Diversity –

§  A resources to the LSC regarding Diversity/Inclusion and make clubs and members the services that you can do at the club level for diversity and out reach.

§  Would like to have more involvement with the athletes. So that coaches, athletes, parents can work together to create opportunities to join the sport.

§  PVS is hosting the EZ Diversity Summit in June.

o   Strategic – no report submitted

o   Coaches –

§  Have spent time talking with coaches and officials

§  We will have a Coach’s Rep opening, if you consider running, you will spend time talking with coaches and

o   Safe Sport –

§  Thanks to Murphy Freal, who is the Athlete Rep to USA Swimming Safe Sport committee and has done a great job.

§  About 4 calls per month; usually parents or coaches asking questions. Not from athletes. If they are too

§  New rules are now under the Code of Conduct. IF anyone breaks the rules, you can be brought up against the board of review.

§  Education committee, not an enforcement committee.

o   Safety –

§  Great job getting the Report of Occurrence filled out online. We are one of the safest LSC according to the records. Most are from swim meets, but remember to report if anything happens during any swim team function

§  The Marshals programs have made great improvements. Thanks to the meet directors, Officials

o   Athletes –

§  After attending Convention, the athletes committees were started, to help get more athletes involved. Excited to get more involved in the different committees on BoD

·        Approval of the 2015-2016 Budget – (Proposed Budget & Budget Summary)

o   Bob Vincent has thanked the Board Member and House for the four years of the service

§  Motion to approve the 2015-2015 PVS budget as presented, seconded and approved.

·        There is a reduction in other PVS programs.

·        Because of it being a trial year, we brought down the Diversity budget and Safe Sport, to help accommodate the for the increase in Athlete support.

·        We also will not be hosting the

·        Membership fee staying the same? The fee will increase by $2 each year for the next 10 years. The PVS portion is not changing.

·        Senior Zone meet – is this funding by LSC. No, it is funded by the Zone. 

·        Old Business – No Old Business was discusses.

·        New Business –

o   Virginia Swimming Boarder issues:

§  Recently at the Virginia Swimming HOD, QDD made a plea to leave VSI and become a member of PVS. In order for that to happen they needed 2/3 of VSI and then 2/3 of PVS to be approved. It did not pass the VSI; therefore there is no action to be taken by PVS.

§  Their reason was the encroachment of PVS teams into their territory. Most of the large clubs do not have an issue with the PVS teams. At the EZ meeting, the two General Chairs met to discuss as to ways PVS and VSI can work together in their Northern Region (Manassas/Loudoun). PVS will be holding some meet in VSI territory, we may start to allow some of the VSI clubs to participate. This will take a vote from the Board, so there will be additional discussion on this on the Board Level in the near future.

§  Years ago a joint Senior Champs was discussed, but dropped. Our Sr. Champs is not as well attended as in the past. There has now be additional discussions between the two LSC. One thought was to run 5 heats (2 for PVS, 2 for VSI and 1 super 8 top 8). The meet would alternate each year as to where it is held. There will be continued discussions.

o   Modification to the P&P with the Outstanding Athlete Votes

§  There will be a change to the OA

§  There will be a bullet point added to the application where the coach can add an event in the Open Category.

§  1. Make sure that when we arrive at the CCM that the slate of athletes is distributed prior to the meeting. All applications will be due two weeks prior to the CCM, so it can be compiled and sent back out.

§  2. Also wanted to make the criteria the same so it is easier to be compare each application.

§  3. When coaches receive the criteria the names will be removed from the nomination. From the sheets that the coaches receive.

§  Motion to accept the changes to P&P regarding the Outstanding Athlete Nomination as presented, seconded and approved.

·        This was endorsed by the Competition Committee.

§  Take a look at the Club Portals – there is so much new information.  

·        Adjourn – Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.