AS APPROVED at the May 24, 2006 House of Delegates Meeting

River Falls Community Center
Potomac, MD
MAY 23, 2005 --- 7:30 P.M.

Call to Order -- The meeting was called to order by the PVS General Chairman, Jim Garner at 7:33 pm He thanked Greg York for organizing the pre-meeting dinner hospitality and the fact it gave an opportunity for the delegates to interact socially prior to the meeting.

Attendance -- Jim Garner, General Chairman. Bill Stephens, Ron Whalen, John Hirschmann, Greg York, Jim VanErden, Bill Marlin, Todd Benedick, Breanne Smith Board Members; Evan Stiles, AAC; Robert Walker, ASA; Eric Moore, AST; Mark Faherty, CUBU; Manga Dalizu, FAST; Ron Larkin, FBST; Dan Jacobs, MACH; Christopher Huott, MSSC; Joel Cyganiecwicz, OCCS; Mark Eldridge, RMSC; Shelly Gesker, YORK; Arvydas Barzdukas, NVSL-Assoc Member; Ward Foley, Linda Klopfenstein, Riley Eaton, Jim Thompson, Kerry Ellett, Boots Hall, John Ertter, Tim Husson, Steed Edwards, At-Large Delegates; Arthur Lopez, Paris Jacob, non-voting delegates.

Approval of 2004 House of Delegates Meeting Minutes -- A question was raised whether eligibility of those voting had been verified at the time of last year's House meeting - in particular given the closeness of some votes. The chair responded that as far as we now know-all who voted last year were eligible to vote.

A motion was then made to approve the minutes of the May 25, 2004 House of Delegates meeting as it had been posted to the website prior to this meeting. The motion was seconded and the minutes were APPROVED unanimously.

Approval of Agenda for 2005 House of Delegates Meeting -- Garner informed the House that he thought there were 30 voting members present.

A motion was made and seconded and the House approved without change the agenda that had been prepared by the General Chairman and circulated prior to the meeting. The motion was APPROVED unanimously.

State of Corporation - Jim Garner as General Chairman gave a brief report on the status of the Corporation.

Jim reported that PVS's financial condition, as reflected in the financial statements that were provided in advance of the meeting, is very strong. Much of the improvement this year can be attributed to athlete registration being up by about 10% as well as the impact that has on meet attendance. Much of the increase was in the younger age brackets, so it remains to be seen whether PVS's clubs will be successful in retaining these athletes or whether it was a post-Olympic surge.

Under Paris Jacobs leadership, a Swimposium is being planned for Sunday, October 2nd. Bill Marlin is assisting her. Spaces to attend the Swimposium will be held for only PVS members until approximately July 1, after which it also be opened up to attendees from other adjoining LSC's Preliminary information has already been posted on the PVS website and additional information is expected to be mailed out and posted shortly.

Jim also indicated that PVS would be taking steps shortly to hire an Administrative Assistant. John Hirschmann had indicated he would like to reduce his involvement in support of PVS. He had taken on many responsibilities that an administrative assistant would do on what was to be an interim basis following the termination of the Tatoodles contract in September 2002. He also has assumed new duties for both USA Swimming and the Eastern Zone.

Jim also informed the House that the Competition Committee at its May 15th meeting decided to recommend funding of the long course zone team on same basis as the short course team. It also recommended and the Board has now approved by electronic vote that PVS will accept on to its EZ long course team, all athletes eligible to attend the meet (ie. having the qualifying time.). However, in contrast to prior years, all athletes will travel to the meet as a team, be lodged, have meals and do team activities as a team. Thus, all athletes will need to leave at the same time and return at the same time.

Jim also reported on a matter that was under discussion with VSI for much of the year. The matter pertained to whether certain clubs, which now had their principal training sites in Prince William and/or Loudoun County, were properly registered with PVS or should be required to transfer their club registration to VSI. There was an extensive exchange of points of view from July 2004 to January 2005 between VSI, PV and representatives of USA swimming. Many teams in the northern part of VSI have indicated a desire to compete in PV due to the shorter travel time involved. A full one-day meeting was held in January to discuss the matter further.

That meeting was not able to solve the problem that many teams (in both VSI and PV) are competing for limited water time in which to train. However, in recognition of the many years during which they have trained in PV, those teams under discussion will not be required to move their clubs to VSI as had been requested by VSI. However, new teams now joining will be asked in which LSC their athletes primarily live, in what LSC they will be training and what LSC they believe would be in the best interest of their club to join. If all answers indicate the same LSC, that will determine the LSC they join. If the answers differ, the LSC's involved will consult. If they reach an agreement, that will be it. If not, a designated individual from USA Swimming will make the decision.

Jim also indicated that PV will be inviting teams from the northern part of VSI (Region 4) to our meets whenever practical, starting perhaps with PVS Senior/Age Group I and II and PVS LC Age Group Champs. However planning is well along for those meets and PVS LC Age Group Champs meet is very full.

Garner also noted we have a honored guest in our midst - Arvydas Barzdukas. He advised the House that Arvydas got the USA Swimming Award at the 2004 USAS Convention.

Registrar's Report - Bill Stephens -- Bill Stephens provided summary registration information. He reported that PVS currently has 7310 registered athletes - this is up from 6709 in 2004. He also reported that the number of registered male swimmers had increased from 42% to 45%, in contrast to the general experience in United States Swimming. A large number of the increase in swimmers has come from athletes 8 years and younger. There is some uncertainty whether this represents a permanent increase in PVS athlete membership or whether some of it may be a post Olympic surge that we may not be able to retain.

In contrast there has been no increase in non-athlete officials memberships, so the same number of officials need to support about 20-25% more athletes. He noted that the officiating community is getting older and that we need to be recruiting more officials. PVS is not providing any positive incentives or negative sanctions to encourage clubs to provide more officials to support meets..

The challenge last year had been to monitor coach's registration and to make sure that coaches on the deck were registered and were keeping their certifications current. This year the focus has been on swimmer's registration -- making sure that athletes entered into meets are properly registered when they are entered into a meet. He noted the number of problems now being encountered are minimal. The teams are doing a good job - therefore sanctions are not needed. PVS will again have a registration clinic in September to explain the requirements.

It was explained that the chart of swimmers by age reflects the swimmer's age on the date the report was produced - May 5 -- not their age when they were registered. This needs to be considered in comparing membership by age reports between years.

Another question pertained to whether there can be a club without a registered coach. It was acknowledged that each club must have at least one registered coach. It was speculated that in some cases, the coaches may have let one or more of their certifications expire - thus causing the report to show no coaches. In another situation, a coach is affiliated with more than one program.

It was reported that PVS currently has 5 outreach athletes. This membership category is available to disadvantaged youth. Clubs with interest should contact the PVS Registrar for specific information Stephens indicated he believes it is PVS policy is accept athletes into this category based on a showing they are eligible for free or subsidized lunches.

It was confirmed PVS still does have a seasonal athlete membership program. No athletes are shown registered in this category since the report was as of May 5 and PVS's seasonal athlete membership program begins on May 1.

There are no athletes showing in the "single meet entry program." This is a special membership category created for use just in connection with open water meets.

It was also confirmed that SDS, TCSD and VSC are still all legally registered clubs with PVS.

Nominating Committee Report - Linda Klopfenstein -- Linda Klopfenstein gave a report on behalf of the Nominating Committee. A report of the Nominating Committee had been sent out prior to the meeting. Linda announced that Joel "Cy" Cyganiecwicz had withdrawn and was no longer running for the position of PVS Senior Chairman

Linda indicated the current candidates are Jim Garner as General Chairman, John Hirschmann as Treasurer and Don Riedlinger as Senior Chair. All are incumbents and are eligible to run for a second term, which will run from September 1, 2005 to August 31, 2007. Additional nominations from the floor were sought. There were none. The above candidates were elected by acclamation.

Linda then announced there were three nominations for the Board of Review and three vacancies to be filled. The nominees were Ward Foley (who is an incumbent), Steed Edwards and Boots Hall. In response to a question, the House was informed that the two current incumbents - Kerry Ellett and Bill Stephens will have served two full two-year terms and are not eligible to run again.

Additional nominations from the floor were sought. There were none. The three candidates were elected by acclamation for terms from September 1, 2005 to August 31, 2007.

Questions were raised as to who is the current Chairman of the Board of Review. It was acknowledged that elections have not been held since the last House meeting and Frank Persico, the prior Chairman, term of office ended on August 31, 2004. It was agreed the Board of Review needs to have its annual organization meeting and conduct an election.

Outreach Program -- Art Lopez -- Arthur reported that United States Swimming has had long history of outreach. While it is intended to reach all disadvantaged athletes, most of the effort has recently been focused toward attracting black, rather than Latino athletes.

Arthur described himself as a first generation Latino. He reported he currently has 43 outreach athletes involved in his program. He indicated it was very important to encourage Latinos to stay in school to make them feel part of something. He reported on the low high school rate for Latinos and indicated this swimming program was a way to do something about it. He attempts to charge $100 for 10 stroke lessons, but some swimmers can only pay $5 - one lesson at a time. In order to hold down the costs to the athletes, it is important to get swimming suits donated. He also stated that having competitive suits is important to making them look and feel like they are swimmers, thus will perform as swimmers.

The program is getting publicity in the local papers. Policemen, teachers, etc. are volunteering their services to assist the program. He stated he intends to put together a list of "best practices" so others will be able to gain from this program's experiences.

The House was informed that PVS has waived the $5 registration fee for outreach fees. PVS will pay the $5 that will be charged by United States Swimming.

He noted his organization is not yet a 501(c)(3). He was asked if people wanted to make donations, what was the best way to do it. He suggested they give money to Sportsfair and clearly designate that the money is for this program. They will then provide the suits and other desired items of equipment to the program.

Arthur was commended by the House for the lead he has taken with this program.

Administrative Division Report - Bill Stephens -- Bill in his comments reemphasized the need to obtain a contractor(s) to perform the services of an Administrative Secretary. He stated PVS expects to have an announcement issued by the end of June and the new contractor in place prior by August 31st - the beginning of the new program year.

He acknowledged that PVS has gone back and forth on whether it should have a permanent physical office. He stated PVS has reached the conclusion it can serve its membership needs better by paying for contractor help rather than a physical office

Questions were raised as to whether there would be office hours at whatever site the contractor was working at, ie would there be announced scheduled times when people could come by to get materials without having to make an appointment first.

He noted PVS (as have many others) have changed from being paper dependent to being able to move everything over the internet This makes it much less important to have a physical office.

Webmaster Report - John Hirschmann -- John acknowledged and thanked Tim Husson for all his assistance since September in doing all the posting of meet results as well as loading all times to the two searchable data bases PVS has been maintaining until recently.

PVS has conclude it is no longer thought it prudent to continue to use the searchable data base supported on the UMD server. It was originated by its author in 1996 for use by PVS and many other LSC's had subsequently also made use of it for a while. However, all but PVS have now switched to other sources since this data base is no longer being actively supported. PVS has switched to TM4.0 - a product supported by Hy-Tek. It was acknowledged that TM4.0 does not have the flexibility to allow the user to select the times since date - it has to be pre chosen for everybody. It was suggested that if many people find this to be a serious limitation they communicate with Hy-Tek - hopefully they will respond to customer demand.

PVS moved servers on an urgent basis in mid-November - the move was handled in such a way it was seamless to the users. We are now on a UNIX server. We may move to the same provider as we are already using for - later this summer.

Hirschmann reported that Garner had made an effort to post times close to real time at the just held Bunkey Lewis Meet using a version of Meet Manager that allows results to be posted in real time - one heat at a time. The times could not be loaded from Rockville due to a firewall issue. It is hoped these problems will be resolved prior to Maryland States and we will be able to post meet results in real time.

Hirschmann indicated he did not update specific statistics on the use of and for this meeting (ie. the number of hits, visits, mb downloaded.) The access numbers continue to be high. He will append those statistics to his formal report. Meet results, meet announcements, psych sheets (when posted), PVS senior swimmers plans for college continue to be high interest items on the website.

He reported that almost all times are now being loaded into USA Swimming SWIMS data base. Clubs have been doing a good job of entering their swimmers into meets using the same name and ID number as they are registered with USA Swimming. As a result there are relatively few times that do not automatically load and require further research. He reminded coaches that SWIMS will catch all situations where a swimmer is not registered as of the date of the swim - this includes confirming that all four swimmers on a relay are officially attached to the club whose relay they are on, and this also includes swimmers still in the 120-day transfer period.

In response to a question, he indicated that the high school swim times were from observed meets and the swimmer's times were loaded as PV-UN in order to avoid creating any eligibility issues under either National High School Federation or NCAA rules.

Hirschmann also reminded the House of the new USA Swimming Privacy Policy - generally personal information about a swimmer should not be posted in a public place including the internet and team bulletin boards. This includes including the registration number when posting meet entry lists or meet results on a club website. However, this information must be included when submitting meet entries to a meet host. Clarification of guidance for posting .cl2 and Meet Mgr files is still evolving.

Age Group Chairman - Greg York -- Three new banners have been produced for PVS - two of which were on display at the meeting. Bob York was thanked for providing souvenir T-shirts.

Cy and OCCS were thanked for running a quality PVS 14/U JO Age Group Championship Meet in March

Breanne Smith and Mark Faherty were thanked for taking responsibility for coaching and managing the PVS EZ SC zone team. PVS has not always succeeded in sending the strongest team, but PVS is always competitive and the swimmers have fun

Greg reported to the House on the changes recently voted by Competition Committee (and now approved by the Board by electronic vote) regarding criteria for being able to participate on the PVS Eastern Zone Long Course team. The rule passed in January 2005 that you must finish in the Top 3 in at least one event is no longer in effect. All swimmers who make at least one zone QT may now participate on the team. However, in contrast to prior years, all swimmers must now participate as part of the team. That means the new requirement is that you must travel to/from the meet, stay with the team, eat with the team, etc. A swimmer may only leave early if excused by the team manager. You will not be allowed to enter the meet unless you participate as part of the team.

One coach expressed the view that he hoped he would not hear that this new format results in the absence of a "team experience." If so, he would recommend we go back to the policy that had been adopted in January, which is why he thought the change had been voted in January.

Greg also announced that PVS is seeking a new Zone Team Manager. Breanne Smith, based on her experience at the SC meet, now realizes that it is not possible to both coach and be the team manager. She has indicated she would prefer to be a coach, so PVS is looking for a new zone manager.

Breanne was praised for her work in managing the team and the quality job she did in her first time in that role. She also provided a written report to the HofD which is appended to these minutes. Some experiences at the meet hotel were reported as lessons learned for future team managers - including that pertaining to the scheduling of busses.

The House was advised that a result of additional expenses being identified, the LSC subsidy to the PVS SC 2005 team would be about $11,000. The earlier estimate at the time of the April Board meeting was approximately $0. Therefore, PVS is no longer planning a rebate.

It was also pointed out that with PVS going to new rules for participating on the LC team, the estimate of expenses and revenue will be more uncertain than normal. This means the actual LSC subsidy may vary from the planned subsidy.

Greg reported that the Eastern Zone at its meeting in Newark on May 7th made changes in who may participate in the zone meets starting in 2006. The language pertaining to having a Eastern Zone sectional cut or participating in any sectional meet has been removed. The new rule is that anybody who has the new USA Junior QT may not go to a zone meet (both SC and LC.) A committee of the EZ Age Group Chairs has been formed to address possible future changes in the structure of the zone meet.

Greg also advised that the Zone is having problems getting bids for both Sectional and Zone meets. It appears that it is both challenging to rent pools of the size needed for a meet of this duration and that given current revenue, clubs are having problems making a profit for their effort. The Zone Directors are pursuing increasing the USA Swimming budget for support of the Zone meets as well as the Sectional meet and recognizing that the EZ only hosts one meet in the summer.

The LSC's are being polled whether they will pay more to support the spring zone meet - each LSC currently only pays $450.

Greg also indicated that Competition had been asked to address whether the SC qualifying times for the 14/U LC Age Group Championship meet should be relaxed - they are currently very tight This reflects a desire by Competition to have the primary attendees at that meet be those who competed in LC meets to achieve their QT's.

Senior Chairman - Don Riedlinger -- No report was given as Don Riedlinger was traveling outside the area and was not present to give a report.

Operations Division - Ron Whalen -- Ron reported PVS had spent money on equipment this past year - new printers, harnesses, CTS VI - it was acknowledged there appear to be some problems with the wiring connection for the CTS VI as it does not seem to work well in all environments.

He noted that PVS has had to purchase 68 lap counters --- kids damage them by how they handle them, particularly their tendency to slam them down when they are through using them. Thus, PVS has learned it needs to treat them as disposable items.

PVS has advertised for an equipment manager. The only bid submitted was from Don Smith. A new contract was recently entered into with Don Smith. Don is not interested in retaining this position and is looking for somebody to whom he can turn over the responsibility.

Dave Macedonia will be replacing John McDonald as Safety Chairman next May.

Jim Van Erden has replaced Boots Hall as Officials Chairman. There is a need for more officials - things get very strained when there are several meets on the same weekend or many meets over successive weekends.

Cy suggested that If people bid to run or host meets - there should be a requirement that they should have so many people on their team who can run the meet.

Officials _- Jim Van Erden -- Jim advised the House that he took over from Boots Hall as PVS Officials Chairman in March. He has submitted a written report - copies of which were provided at the meeting. PVS currently has 235 certified officials - there are another 34 whose certifications expired at the end of 2004 that have not renewed.

USA Swimming has just implemented on-line testing for officials.

Jim Thompson has created a spreadsheet to track who is working the meets. The response has been mixed regarding getting the reports back from all meet sites.

He noted that VSI has created a new set of handouts on how to become an official. Some is made part of the meet program. He observed parents will read anything while in the stands. It is also important to make sure parents know they are needed and will be welcomed if they become involved - the officials working the deck are NOT a closed group.

He also highlighted that it takes a major commitment of time (both formal and OJT training) to become a Referee. Some people are invited to advance and decline because of the training commitment involved. PVS requires that its Referees also know how to be a Hy-Tek and CTS (timing system) operator. This can be very valuable if there are problems at the table and no other assistance is available. Most other LSC's do not require a Referee be able to work the table.

It was noted we have gone from about 5000 to 7000 registered athletes without an increase in the number of officials to support them.

The demands of the meet schedule can be very heavy in certain parts of the year -- both in terms of major meets on consecutive weekends and many meets being scheduled on the same weekend.

He asked that coaches please help with recruiting their parents to become officials. They are in the best position to know who are likely candidates. He noted we can take the training to a practice site during practice if that will help boost attendance. It is only asked that there be sufficient attendance to warrant use of the volunteer trainer times.

Equipment Manager - Don Smith -- Don Smith was not present to give a report.

Safety - John McDonald -- John McDonald was not present, but did submit a written report in advance of the meeting. Garner reminded everybody to keep an eye on safety. PVS had three reportable occurrences and already has had two in the first quarter of this year.

Strategic Planning -- Jim Van Erden -- Jim Van Erden distributed the report resulting from last August's Board meeting that devoted to strategic planning. He apologized to the Board members for not making the report available to them sooner. As a result, there has not been the follow-thru necessary to implement any of the recommendations that came out that strategic planning meeting.

Coaches Representative - Bill Marlin -- Bill reminded the House that the Age Group Coach of the Year program had been started this year. Applications are due May 31 - only 1 application has been submitted so far. He indicated that the selection process can be tweaked in future years. It is intended that coaches with a "super star" or a coach with depth in quality age group swimmers should be able to win.

He indicated there is also a need for teams to be sensitive to team etiquette during warm-ups at PVS meets.

He attended a USA Swimming sponsored meeting of LSC Age Group Chairman in Colorado Springs on behalf of Greg York. 36 of the 59 LSC's were represented.

He presented his written report (attached) to the House based on his participation at the LSC Age Group Chairman's meeting. He noted that he found PVS very strong in terms of information support. We need to do more to make swimming fun for our 12/U athletes.

Cy suggested that PVS add fun events at end of the meet. Use of monofins was suggested. It was also noted that Masters Swimming put their fun events at the end of the meet.

Coaches Representative - Todd Benedick -- Todd reported that coaches had praise for the PVS Championship level meets - they felt the meets were appropriate for that group of athletes. Various views have been expressed on possible ways the QT's for Championship meets could be adjusted, though Todd reported that there is not a consensus in that regard - not all coaches appear to have the same objectives.

Todd indicated there is a tendency for coaches and clubs to want somebody else to do it - they are not willing to do it for themselves. He noted that club meets allow clubs more flexibility in the format of the meet and allow them to "think outside the box" if they wish to do so.

Athlete Representatives - Breanne Smith/Ethan Bassett -- Breanne Smith indicated she had nothing to report as athlete representative to the Board. Ethan Bassett was not present to give a report.

Board of Review -- There was nothing to report. PVS was fortunate that no cases were filed - therefore the Board had no need for a meeting. Ward asked to get the names of those on the Board of Review so he make sure an election could be held.

Treasurer Report - John Hirschmann -- Hirschmann reported the PVS's financial statements for FY04 had been audited. This was second year that they had been audited. PVS again received a clean opinion and in addition the auditor expressed no major concerns for the Board's attention. Hirschmann noted controls are in place regarding access to PVS funds and there is a segregation of duties. PVS reported a surplus for FY04 and expects to report a surplus again for FY05. It was acknowledged that as a result, PVS reserves at the end of FY06 will be about $100,000 in excess of the goal that had been initially set - namely to have reserves equal to one year's operating income.

Hirschmann then addressed the presentation and adoption of the FY06 budget. Copies of the budget had been sent to all members of the House in advance of the meeting. He highlighted the major items in it. This included (1) including $20,000 as LSC financial support for the Swimposium, (2) funding travel assistance to the returning USA Swimming Junior Championship at $3750, (3) providing $15,000 per meet in LSC financial support to both the PVS SC and LC Zone teams in 2006, (4) including $7500 for equipment purchases (which will be capitalized), (5) no change in entry fees to PVS sponsored meets or PVS sanction fees for club sponsored meets, (6) PVS will pay the registration fee for its officials - the cost of doing so appears as reduced revenue since officials will no longer be paying, (7) funding was eliminated for camps, promotional items, water bottles, strategic planning since there has been no activity in those accounts for several years, and (8) athlete registration is based on actual numbers through March 2005 - there is some risk here since the large increase this year may be due to a post-Olympic year surge that may not be retained.

He also proposed that the amount budgeted for the 2005 PVS Eastern Zone long course team be increased from $6,000 to $15,000. This is based on a recommendation from Competition at its January 2005 meeting which has now been endorsed by the Board. The lower amount had been approved when it PVS did not have a policy to attend the LC EZ meet as a team.

In response to questions it was indicated that the number of swimmers funded for possible payment of travel assistance was not based on specific review of how many swimmers had currently qualified for these meets. The numbers had been reviewed by the Senior Chairman and found reasonable based on historical experience. The House was reminded that no more than the specified amount will be paid on behalf each athlete - regardless of how few athletes qualify for travel assistance. It was also indicated there were only 35 clubs registered when the budget was prepared - that number has now risen to 37.

A motion was made that PVS waive the entry fees into PVS sponsored meets for athletes registered under the outreach program. It was agreed to amend this motion to allow the Board to address the mechanics of how the intent of this motion would be implemented - it might be better to have PVS issue a rebate check - also it is important to keep the names of the athletes registered in this manner as confidential as possible. The motion as amended PASSED.

It was observed that PVS had adopted a policy of providing equal support to its SC and LC Zone teams. It had been reported earlier in the meeting that based on a final accounting of expenses for the 2005 EZ SC team, PVS support to the zone team would be approximately $11,000 rather than the planned $15,000. A MOTION was made to therefore to provide a subsidy for the 2005 EZ LC team of $11,000 (rather than the $6,000 approved last year or the $15,000 the Board recommended.) The MOTION was seconded and adopted.

Objections were raised to retaining a $25 PVS registration fee. A amendment was offered to reduce the PVS share of the athlete registration fee to $20. It was stated that PVS was making too much money at its athletes' expense.

It was indicated the Board in reviewing the budget had discussed the possibility of funding a rebate based on the number of registered athletes each club has. Questions had been raised if a rebate were made - would it go back to the club or to the parents - others observed that if it gets to the club - it gets to the parents directly or indirectly.

It was noted there had been extensive effort to get the $5 increase into the budget - therefore PVS should take any step to reduce this amount very carefully.

Concern was also expressed about the size of the proposed dues reduction - if implemented it would result in approving an FY06 budget with approximately a $60K deficit - this would place PVS on a very slippery downward slope and would result in getting rid of the desired PVS reserve in less than 2 years.

It was also indicated there might be a need for additional funds for contractor services - this will not be known with certainty until the Administrative position is filled and a determination made whether any other changes in contractor services are necessary. If so, this could cause the $60,000 deficit to be even larger.

There was discussion whether if the budget was approved, would the $90,000 become a hard upper limit. The Board expressed the view it was not, that if the need were compelling the Board could exceed this amount. Historically, specific line items in the budget have been exceeded when there was a clear need to do so.

A motion was made to reduce PVS's registration charge for by $5 - from $25 to $20. The motion was seconded. There was some additional discussion Question was called. The motion was DEFEATED 9-16

A motion was then made to adopt the PVS 2006 budget as proposed by the Board with the two amendments to it that passed earlier. The motion PASSED with 2 dissenting votes. (Eldridge and Foley).

There was then discussion on how PVS should rebate money should it choose to do so. Mark Eldridge proposed that it be rebated to the clubs based on their membership Ward Foley indicated he felt it should be based on a formula that reflects who supports the LSC by attending meetings and voting, conducting meets, etc.

It was suggested that PVS form a committee to look into a formula to use in making rebates, if it is determined a rebate is warranted or desired.

It was emphasized by members of the House that they don't want to see another surplus in fiscal 2006.

Eastern Zone Report - John Hirschmann

Jim Garner reported John H was elected as the Eastern Zone Technical Chairman. John gave a report on what happened at the recent Eastern Zone meeting in Newark.

He indicated that most of what happened that is of interest to PVS was covered earlier in the meeting - much during the report by the Age Group Chairman. There will be no additional change in zones or sectionals this summer relative to last summer that had not been announced earlier. The provision that prohibited swimmers who had been to sectionals (or had sectional QT's) from attending zones had only applied to the SC meet.

The need for the Eastern Zone to receive bids to host the Spring Southern Sectional and SC Zone meets was emphasized.

Old Business -- No old business came before the House for discussion or action.

New Business -- Foley asked if a list of who is a member of the PVS House of Delegates could be posted to website 48 hours prior to the meeting. It was agreed this could be done Foley then made a motion that PVS post at least 48 hrs prior to each House of Delegates meeting - a list of who will be eligible to vote. The motion was seconded and PASSED.

Dalizu suggested that adoption of the next year's budget be put earlier on the agenda so there is more time for discussion. It was agreed to consider this - it was also noted the House adopted the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

It was also suggested that PVS get the material (director reports and other material) out ahead of time so it can be read in advance of the meeting. The meeting could then be limited to a discussion and questions about what was in the reports - rather than having them read.

Eldridge asked about who gets a vote at a vote at Competition Committee meeting and whether PVS's by-laws should be amended to have clubs with more registered athletes get more votes - one proposed formula was one vote per 100 registered athletes. It was suggested that it only be done if the clubs had additional representatives present to use the votes - the same person could not cast multiple votes. Others observed that giving larger clubs more votes would not necessarily make it fairer. Others noted the poor attendance may reflect either confidence in what the body was doing or indifference.

Breanne Smith explained why she did not use all of the $15K subsidy available for the PVS EZ SC team. She noted she was performing the function for the first time and was working off a budget from two years ago as to what the likely expenses would be. She stated that some expenses were less than she had anticipated.

Adjournment -- The meeting was adjourned at 10:33pm