MARCH 14, 2000

Time & Place:7:30 pm, Kaufmann Conference Center

Attendees: M. Cohen, F. Persico, J. Garner, B. Brofft, J. Schaeffer, T. Ertter, J. Hirschmann, A. Barzdukas

No minutes to the February 29, 2000 meeting were available for review.

Bob Brofft gave an excellent lesson's learned report on the Senior Champs meet. Several issues were discussed as a result of this report. In addition, a letter, addressed to Jim Garner as the Competition Committee Senior Division Chair, was presented to address the "less than best effort swims," deliberate attempts to be disqualified, and the use of "declared false starts" at finals that plagued the Senior Champs meet. Both of these reports were discussed at great length.

Marty Cohen finalized the attendance for the USA Swimming Official's Clinic to be Bob Richardson, Boots Hall, and Chuck Bowers. John Ertter will be the alternate.

Tyanna Ertter was thanked for providing a meeting place at the Kaufmann Conference Center.

The final portion of the meeting was spent on selecting officials for the Eastern Zones meet.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.