NOVEMBER 1, 1999

Time & Place: 7 pm, Catholic University

Attendees: M. Cohen, F. Persico, J. Garner, B. Brofft, J. Schaeffer, T. Ertter, D. Griffith, J. Hirschmann, J. Carey

The minutes to the September 27 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Each Club Liaison gave a brief review of their interaction with the different club officials chairperson. Reactions and concerns were shared among the committee. The roster of club official chairpersons was updated to reflect the most current information. There are still some holes in the roster, but they are mostly associated with the smaller clubs. It was noted that CUBU has identified a single official chairman (Berry Hess) who will represent both the Maryland and Virginia club sites. Barry will be responsible for establishing contacts and means of communications with the various CUBU training sites, including encouraging all of them to actively support the officiating program. No specific action was assigned.

In an effort to insure that all starters and referees have an opportunity to receive training on the new starting and recall rules, additional sessions are needed. It was decided to hold breakout sessions at the November Open between the end of the first session on Sunday morning and the warm-up period of the second session. The Club Liaisons were asked to get the word out.

It was generally felt that the officials clinics held this fall went fairly well. Although attendance fell off at the early October sessions, attendance rebounded at the late October sessions. None the less, there is still a concern that our numbers are falling off and that fewer officials are moving "up the ladder" to assume starter and referee assignments. This should be the focus at the winter clinics.

The winter training schedule was discussed. It was decided that there would be sites in Virginia and a Maryland for the training. The Virginia sites would be at GMU and a site in Herndon. For Maryland, MAC and Fairland were selected. Tyanna will make the arrangements. One weekend session and one weekday evening session should be scheduled for both Virginia and Maryland sites. Both stroke and turn and a starter clinic should be held at each session. The First Time Referee and Referee Clinics will be held at a Virginia site. Club Liaisons were asked to canvas their clubs for recommendations of individuals who they feel are ready for referee level officiating.

Note: See 1999-2000 Clinic Schedule for final locations and times.

Re-certification procedures for officials whose certification has lapsed was discussed. It was decided that requests for re-certification would be considered on a case by case basis.

Discussion of the transfer policy was postponed until the next meeting. There was some discussion, but no decisions made.

The leadership team for Junior Olympic Invitational Meet was set. Jim Garner would be the Meet Referee and Frank Persico the Administrative Referee for the Seniors meet site and Bob Brofft would be the Meet Referee and Jack Schaeffer the Administrative Referee for the 12 and Under meet site. It was stressed that the committee needed to focus on putting new folks on the deck at this National Certification meet.

The next committee meeting was set for 7 December 1999 at 7:30 pm at T. Ertter's office.

Frank Persico was thanked for providing a meeting place at Catholic U.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15 pm.