Operations Division
February 2001 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Officiating plans for the March Sectional Meet is on course. Frank Ching from Massachusetts will be the Meet Referee. Jim Garner will be Admin Referee. All five LSCs are contributing officials to staff the deck although PVS will be providing almost 50 percent of the officials. Lead officials have been identified. At least 60 officials have volunteered to work at least a portion of the meet.
  • John Hirschmann is the Meet Referee for the Zone Meet. Jim Garner is Administrative Referee. Application form to volunteer to officiate at the meet has been issued. Limited responses have been received to date.
  • PVS Officials Committee agreed subsequent to January Board meeting to take responsibility for staffing PVS SCY Championship Meet. Staffing meeting will occur on Wednesday, February 21.
  • Ron Whalen will be Administrative Referee for PVS SCY Championship Meet. No permanent Meet Referee could be obtained. Dick Griffith will serve Thursday, Lynee Phelps on Friday, Boots Hall on Saturday and Frank Persico on Sunday.
  • Board approval of hotel reimbursement policy for Meet Referee and Administrative Referee will be requested at this Board meeting.
  • PVS had been offered an opportunity to send a limited number of officials to an USA Swimming conducted Officiating Clinic being hosted by the VA LSC in Richmond on April 21-22.
  • A revue of clinic attendees by club this season was prepared by Boots Hall. AVST is to be commended for the large turnout of new officials. However, several clubs had no attendees and the two largest clubs each had seven or fewer.
  • Jobs on the Committee were reorganized. Changes in the lineup include: Secretary: Sumee Emory; Test Graders (for next year) Lynee Phelps and John McDonald; Clinic Organizers: Bob Richardson (Maryland) and Bob Brofft (Virginia). Boots Hall will continue handling updating of the handouts.
  • Chuck Bowers has resigned from the Committee and officiating. Tyanna Ertter has resigned from the Committee. Possible replacements are being considered.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Daktronics has now acknowledged timing problems at PGS&LC during recent meets are at least part do their timing system. Problem is intermittent and has only appeared during actual meet conditions. Replacement equipment for timing system has been ordered by Daktronics.
  • PVS is making arrangements for its timing system to be available as standby for March 1-4 PVS SCY Championship meet. Daktronics staff has advised they will be present Thursday evening March 1 and Friday morning March 2.
  • Four individuals attended the Colorado Clinic and 11 attended the Hy-Tek Clinic held on January 7 at Dominion Hills. Both were well received.
  • Solution to com port definition so that set up for new laptops to communicate with CTS has been implemented.

  • Meet Management
  • All short course meet announcements were issued by late January. Preparation and/or review of long course meet announcements will begin shortly.
  • Board guidance on whether club (meet director) or PVS (Operations Chr) has responsibility for determining if meet should be canceled or postponed due to weather or other extenuating circumstances will be sought. Current PVS Policies and Procedures are not clear regarding club meets.
  • Pool rentals for PVS sponsored 2001 long course meets are essentially complete. Pool rental arrangements for PVS sponsored meets for 2001-02 short course season are well along.
  • Contractual arrangements with PGS&LC for March 1-4 are nearing finalization.

  • Safety Commitee
  • No injuries or accidents have been reported to the Safety Chairman for this competitive season (since September 1)