last updated: June 22, 2015

Meets listed have been approved by the PVS Competition Committee (or have been submitted for approval in September) for the 2014-2015 calendar. When all necessary information is submitted to the satisfaction of the PVS Sanction Officer, a sanction number will be issued and the meet announcement will appear as a working link on this page.

September 2014
Date Meet Host Location
26 UMAC Relay Meet UMAC Univ. of MD
28 PAC Freestyle Meet PAC PGS&LC
October 2014
Date Meet Host Location
5 MSSC Freestyle Meet MSSC Fairland
10-11 Red & Black Invitational
(by invitation)
UMAC Univ. of MD
10-12 Snow Pumpkin Invitational
(by invitation)
SNOW Claude Moore
10-12 RMSC October Kickoff
(by invitation)
RMSC Germantown
11-12 MAKO Fall Invitational MAKO GMU
11-12 Harvest Moon HACC Herndon
17-19 PVS October Open PM Lee District
NCAP Fairland
FBST Fairland
25-26 SDS Monster Mash
(by invitation)
SDS South Run
25-26 MSSC Fall Senior Meet MSSC Fairland
25-26 Fall Gator Mini Meet AAC Wakefield HS
November 2014
Date Meet Host Location
1-2 Triple Distance Challenge UMAC Univ. of MD
1-2 Fall Distance Meet DCPR Takoma
8-9 National Age Group Challenge Meet
(By Invitation)
RMSC Germantown
9 November Friendship Mini Meet
(by invitation)
YORK Providence
14-16 PVS November Open FISH Cub Run
FBST Mt. Vernon
ERSC Fairland
PAC Fairland
16 Autumn Mini RMSC Olney
20-22 Arena Pro Swim Series (SCY)
Minneapolis, MN
21-23 Swim & Rock
(By Invitation)
SDS Oak Marr
21-23 RMSC November Invitational
(by invitation)
22-23 Odd Ball Challenge FAST Fairland
22-23 Speedo Eastern States Senior Circuit #2 OCCS Freedom Center
22 Holiday Kick-Off Mini Meet OCCS Freedom Center
23 Pilgrim Mini Meet NCAP Claude Moore
December 2014
Date Meet Host Location
4-6 AT&T Winter National Championships USA Swimming Greensboro, NC
4-7 Turkey Claus Showdown MACH Univ. of MD
5-7 Christmas Championships MSSC Fairland
6-7 MAKO Holiday Invitational MAKO GMU
6-7 Reindeer Mini Meet YORK Providence
11-13 Speedo Winter Junior Nationals USA Swimming Federal Way, WA
11-14 Holiday Invitational RMSC Germantown
11-14 Tom Dolan Invitational NCAP UMD
11-14 Sport Fair Winter Classic
(by Invitation- no new teams will be accepted)
20 Candy Cane Mini Meet NCAP Freedom Center
20 Splash and Dash FAST Fairland
January 2015
Date Meet Host Location
3-4 PVS January Distance Meet BWST Lee District
10-11 MAKO Winter Invitational MAKO GMU
10-11 Senior Circuit #3 AAC Wakefield H.S.
10-11 DCPR Winter Invitational DCPR Takoma
10-11 Polar Bear Meet
(By Invitation)
SDS South Run
11 RMSC Frosty Pentathlon
(By Invitation)
RMSC Germantown
15-17 Arena Pro Swim Series (LCM)
Austin, TX
17-18 PVS January Open RMSC Germantown
MACH Wakefield Park
FAST Fairland
FBST Fairland
24-25 Snow Dude Mini Meet PM Mt. Vernon
24-25 Green & Orange Bowl Invitational MACH Madeira
30-1 IM Xtreme Games - NE PM UMD
31-1 Super FISH Bowl FISH Spring Hill
February 2015
Date Meet Host Location
1 Polar Pentathlon Mini NCAP Claude Moore
7 February Qualifier SNOW Claude Moore
8 PVS February Distance FAST Fairland
8 Munchkin Mania FAST Fairland
8 February Friendship Mini Meet
(by invitation)
YORK Providence
13-15 29th Annual Black History Meet DCPR Takoma
12-14 Arena Pro Swim Series (LCM)
Orlando, FL
14-15 Gender Blender Mini Meet RMSC KSAC
14-15 Winter Gator Mini Meet AAC Wakefield H.S.
14-15 President's Day Classic OCCS WARF
14-15 PM 14&U JO Qualifier PM Cub Run
20-22 PVS 18&U Age Group Championships FBST Lee District
21-22 RMSC February Qualifier RMSC MLK
March 2015
Date Meet Host Location
5-8 PVS Short Course Championships NCAP GMU
5-8 PVS SC Junior Championships NCAP GMU
7-8 Mini Championships NCAP Claude Moore
12-15 PVS 14&U Junior Olympic Championships MACH Univ. of MD
19-22 Speedo Championship Series
Eastern Zone Northern Sectional Meet
SYCH Ithaca, NY
19-22 Speedo Championship Series
Eastern Zone Southern Sectional Meet
VA Swimming Christiansburg, VA
20-22 March Madness YORK Oak Marr
21-22 MAKO Spring Invitational MAKO GMU
21-22 Mini Championships RMSC Olney
27-29 RMSC Spring Finale RMSC Germantown
27-29 Spring Championships MSSC Fairland
26-28 Eastern Zone SC Championships Fairport Swimming Webster, NY
26-29 Speedo Championship Series
Eastern Zone Spring LC Meet
Star Swimming Buffalo, NY
April 2015
Date Meet Host Location
11-12 FISH Spring Fever LC Invitational FISH Fairland
15-18 Arena Pro Swim Series (LCM)
Mesa, AZ
18 10&U Spring Penguin Meet PAC Fairland
26-28 Open Water Nationals USA Swimming Miromar Lakes, FL
24-26 Machine LC Classic MACH Lee District
25-26 Spring Sprints SDS South Run
26 Spring Championship Invitational ERSC PGCC
May 2015
Date Meet Host Location
1 SNOW SC Spring Classic Invitational SNOW Claude Moore
1-3 Spring LC Classic RMSC KSAC
1-3 OCCS Spring Splash Invitational OCCS Freedom Center
2-3 SNOW LC Classic Invitational SNOW Claude Moore
2-3 LC Derby Meet FISH GMU
2-3 Early Bird LC Invitational MSSC Fairland
9-10 Mini Olympics MACH Univ. of MD
14-17 Arena Pro Swim Series (LCM)
Charlotte, NC
22-24 Virginia State LC Champsionships PM Oak Marr
29-31 Maryland State LC Champs RMSC Rockville
June 2015
Date Meet Host Location
6-7 June LC Invitational FISH Fairland
12-14 SNOW LC Invitational SNOW Claude Moore
14 PVS LC Open 1 FBST Lee District
PAC Fairland
MACH Wakefield Park
18-21 Arena Pro Swim Series (LCM)
Santa Clara, CA
18-21 Black & Red LC Invitational UMAC UMD
20-21 PVS LC Distance Meet FBST Fairland
Eastern Zone Open Water Meet Middle Atlantic Swimming Atlantic City, NJ
28 PVS LC Open 2 FBST Lee District
FAST Fairland
PM Wakefield Park
July 2015
Date Meet Host Location
16-19 PVS LC Age Group Championships FBST UMD
Speedo Championship Series
Eastern Zone (Combined Meet)
Syracuse Chargers Ithaca, NY
23-26 PVS LC Senior Championships RMSC UMD
23-26 PVS LC Junior Championships RMSC UMD
30-3 Speedo Junior Nationals USA Swimming San Antonio, TX
30-3 Futures Championships USA Swimming Greensboro, NC
August 2015
Date Meet Host Location
6-10 Phillips 66 National Championships USA Swimming San Antonio, TX
5-8 Eastern Zone LC Championships Poseidon Swimming Richmond, VA
6-9 Eastern Zone LC Senior Championships Star Swimming Buffalo, NY

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