Senior Swimming 2001 - 2002 Report
Jim Garner
May 2002

Another year has passed. Sectionals are still with us, and a number if teams competed in an alternative meet (ala the old Juniors) in California this spring. Time will tell what will happen in the future with Sectionals. The Sectional Spring Meet was again held in Potomac Valley at GMU, and was ably run by CUBU. Potomac Valley was well represented at USA Swimming Spring Nationals as well as at the NCAA Division I meet.

We again ran a combined Spring Senior Champ & Junior Champ meet. Competition Committee will look at splitting these back into two separate meets. This would result in cut times for both meets that would be slower than before the advent of Sectionals. It would also give those swimmers in the Junior Champ meet the opportunity to swim in Finals, something I thought was a problem with the combined format. However, the cost would be renting two facilities for the two meets, rather than one combined meet (and one facility).

The qualifying times for the combined Junior Champs/Senior Champs meet (Short Course Champs) were looked at for this year. Ultimately the times were left alone and should have produced a bigger meet than what was actually held this March. This could be because swimmers are going elsewhere, and/or that the current format of this meet is not meeting the needs of our Senior athletes.

Link to Supplmental Report on Resturturing Short Course Championship Meets - 2004