Senior Swimming 2001 - 2002 Report
Jim Garner
May 2002
Supplemental Report on
Resturturing Short Course Championship Meets - 2004

Attached please find my first cut at making Short Course Champs into two meets, similar to what we used to have with Senior Champs & Junior Champs. Times were determined by taking all PVS swims (does not include Approved High School Meets) from 10/2001 through the last meet before Short Course Champs. Any time faster than a Sectional cut was then dropped. Then, to get say 96 swims, I went down to the 96th fastest time for that event and that became the cut time.

If Sectional cuts were allowed, then the cut times would be somewhat faster. In general, there were between 10 and 20 swimmers in each event that had Sectional cuts.

The Junior Champ cuts were then determined in the same manner.

There was no provision made for making the meet bigger to allow for kids that opt not to swim.

This will be discussed and adopted or rejected at this fall's Competition Committee meeting (on Saturday September 21, 2002 10:00AM).

This was covered at the Spring Competition Committee meeting last week, but not discussed or voted on.

I am passing this out to get as wide a reading as possible.

Jim Garner
Senior Chair