As approved by electronic vote -- April 19, 2002


7:00 PM -- TUESDAY Februry 19, 2002
Walt Whitman High School
Bethesda, MD

In Attendance:
Thirl Crudup, John Ertter, Kit Mathews, Greg York, Bill Marlin, John Hirschmann, Jim Garner, Bob Walker, Matt Dugan, Irene Millman, Linda Edmunds

Approval of the January BoD minutes,
Amendment to add the section at the end of the minutes to include "Respectfully submitted by: Irene Millman PASSED

New Business

General Chairman's Report
As Submitted

Treasurer's Report

In January it was noted that there was approximately a $107,000.00 difference in the registration accounts of registered athletes and income received on those registrations.

After a complete reconciliation in January approximately $50,000 remains outstanding on athlete registration receivables. Discussion followed regarding the collection process. Irene indicated that the clubs were working to clear these balances and would have further reports by the April Board meeting. It was suggested that we consider with holding entries from the championship meets but the timing was too short to properly communicate with the clubs.

Approximately $57,000 of deposits in November were deposited, but not booked in the computer system. This was corrected and amended financial reports were produced and forwarded to John Ertter.

Athlete Representative
Matt Dugan contacted Coco Buck regarding the previously produced flyer on the contact information for the Athlete Representatives. Discussion followed and it was agreed the Office would locate this flyer and produce copies with the current contact information and provide for distribution at the SCY Championship Meet and PVS Age Group Championships..

Administrative Division
Report submitted

Web Master report as submitted

There was brief discussion regarding the posting of Psych sheets for the upcoming championship meets. It was agreed an email to the Meet Directors reminding them of several points (including the desire to post a prelims timeline and psych sheets) would be sent by the administrative office.

Senior Division
Report Submitted

Senior Swimming Jim Garner February 2002

Greg York inquired about the possible change in meet format for the SCY Championship Meets. There has been discussion among the coaches regarding going back to the separate Senior and Junior Championship meet formats. Jim Garner responded that he will report on this at the May Competition Committee meeting for the format change in the 2003-04 SCY season.

Age Group Division
No Report Submitted

Operations Division
Report Submitted

Discussion regarding a proposal on Marshals at PVS meets.

John Hirschmann made the following Motion "Any PVS club hosting or sponsoring a PVS sanctioned meet shall be responsible for providing marshals. Such marshals shall supervise pre-meet warm-ups, warm-ups (if available) during competition, and deck access. As required by USA Swimming, they shall be registered with USA Swimming and wear identifying attire.. Deck officials shall not perform this function as collateral duty."

He explained that meet officials (Referees, Starters, and Stroke & Turn) have other responsibilities prior to and during a meet and cannot give proper attention to also being marshals. Accordingly it is necessary that others assume responsibility for this function at this meet.

Questions were raised including whether marshals had to be registered USA Swimming members. It was explained USA Swimming did require marshals to be registered. This was a concern because of the registration fees involved. Some were willing to have other volunteers assume this responsibility, but were not willing to incur the additional cost involved, particularly if many individuals shared the responsibility. Motion Failed 5-4

Strategic Planning
Report submitted

Greg brought up coaches education and the need for it at the High School level. He stated that HS coaches are used to being in a private club situation and are not necessarily familiar with expectations placed on schoolteachers. We are looking to establish communication with HS and summer league coaches to encourage positive relationships. Behavior of some HS coaches on the deck continues to be of concern by the PVS coaches. It was noted that not all coaches at the High School level are PVS coaches. Further discussion continued regarding this concerns and it was agreed Greg would bring back to the board the key points of the seminar he proposes be presented to the High School and or Summer League Coaches.

Coaches Representative
John Blaschke report submitted

Old Business
Thirl presented the Board with the Names for the Nominating Committee.

  • Bob Walker
  • Bill Marlin
  • John Buck
The board concurred with his selections

Additional Old Business
Budget - John Ertter requested that Division chairs submit any budget proposals to him via email. Greg York expressed concern over Kerry Ellett's availability to coordinate camps in this LSC he said that Eric Moore has offered to assume some of those responsibilities. Greg further commented we have budget money to run camps on a more local basis and urges clubs to submit proposals.

The board briefly discussed the proposal for Travel reimbursement for the NCSA Jr National meet. It was agreed further evaluation was warranted (including whether USA Swimming supports this or a similar meet in the future) before authorizing PVS travel assistance funding for this meet.

Meeting adjourned 8:40

Respectfully submitted,

Irene Millman
Potomac Valley Swimming
Administrative Assistant

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