As approved at Board Meeting -- June 17, 2003


7:00 PM -- WEDNESDAY April 23, 2003
River Falls Community Center
Potomac, Md

Chairman: Thirl Crudup, Members: Todd Benedick, John Ertter, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Bill Marlin, Amy Stark, Bill Stephens, Greg York. Non-Voting Members and Guests: Linda Klopenstein.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:19 pm by the General Chairman, Thirl Crudup. He provided the Board with an agenda.

Approval of Minutes
The revised draft of the minutes of March 3 Board meeting that had been circulated to the Board prior to the meeting was approved as circulated..

General Chairman's Report
Thirl had provided the Board with a written report in advance of the meeting.

Thirl indicated he anticipated making PVS's nominations for at-large votes at the USAS conventions once the results of the elections at the House of Delegates meeting were known.

Thirl then gave a report to the Board on behalf of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consisted of himself and John Ertter and Linda Klopenstein.

Thirl indicated that the Committee had received the following nominations and the individuals had agreed to serve if elected. The current incumbents are not eligible to succeed themselves in that position.

General Chairman - Jim Garner
Treasurer - John Hirschmann
Senior Chairman - Don Riedlinger

These would be for two year terms starting September 1, 2003. It was noted that one other individual had been nominated for General Chairman, but had declined. Another person had been nominated and had yet to make a decision. It was agreed that if they accepted prior to the Nominating Committee's report going to the House, they would be added. They (as well as anybody else) could be nominated at the House as well.

It was also acknowledged that if John Hirschmann was elected as Treasurer, he would have to resign as Operation Chairman. The appropriate time to address his replacement would be at that time and that person nominated by the General Chairman would have to be approved by the Board.

In addition, Jim VanErden was nominated as Strategic Planning Chairman and Greg York as Age Group Chairman. These two individuals would fill out terms where the Board made an interim appointment as a result of prior resignations. The individuals elected to these positions will take office at the House Meeting and serve to August 31, 2004.

Also, the three current Board of Review members whose terms expire this year can succeed themselves. They have each agreed to be nominated to serve for an additional two years. They are: Kerry Ellett, Bill Stephens and Tim Sullivan. Ward Foley was also nominated. Three will be elected.

The Board did not take any action on the report as there was no need to do so.

PVS Award
The Board discussed an appropriate way to recognize Myron Lynch for his many years of volunteer service to PVS. It was agreed that his wife Miriam Lynch should be presented with the PVS Award for Myron's efforts on behalf of PVS. Thirl would make arrangements so it could be presented at the annual House of Delegates meeting.

Conoco Phillips Service Award (formerly Phillips 66 award)
A consensus was formed on an appropriate nominee for this award. A presenter was also identified. Arrangements will be made for the award to be presented at the annual House of Delegates meeting. [Note: Linda Crudup was selected to receive the award and Greg York will be the presenter. This information was not publicized so it would be a surprise to the recipient.]

Eastern Zone Meeting.
Thirl indicated that himself, John Ertter, John Hirschmann, Jim Garner, Bill Stephens, Greg York and Kerry Ellett (as Zone Director) would be attending the Eastern Zone meeting on May 10 in Philadelphia. Bill Marlin and Todd Benedick indicated they would advise whether they could attend the meeting. Instructions were provided on how to get to the meeting location at Philadelphia Marriott Hotel.

Athlete's Report
Amy Stark was present. She indicated she had no report to present to the Board.

Treasurer's Report
John Ertter had provided the Board in early April with the March 2003 PVS financial reports. This included the balance sheet, P&L Statement, PVS Meet schedule and Club Meets schedule. It showed PVS had cash assets on hand on March 31, 2003 of $440,979 including $4,802 in the Dave Davis fund.

John had also submitted to the Board on April 15 an initial proposed budget for FY 2004. The package included he first document contains all proposals that Board members have submitted. This document was titled "Budget Worksheet (All Proposals)." The second document is the recommended budget for the next fiscal year and was titled "Budget Worksheet (Recommended)."

It was accompanied by the following supporting schedules:

Major budget changes & issues
2003 & Proposed 2004 Registration Fees (schedule A)
2003 & Proposed 2004 other Fees (Schedule B)
Equipment Proposals (Schedule C)
Proposed Official's Support Program (Schedule D)
Proposed PVS Marketing Program (Schedule E)
PVS Sponsored Meets (Proforma)
Club Sponsored Meets (Proforma)
2003 SC Zones Financial Report
Capitalized Equipment Inventory and Replacement Reserve Requirements
Expensed equipment Inventory

The proposed budget showed a anticipated surplus for FY'03 of $87,873 and $12,762 for FY'04. The Board was invited to submit comments, suggestions and alternative proposals for consideration.

As result of comments received from Board members on this package, John circulated a revised package on April 21 It showed a revised expected surplus for FY'03 of $83,007 and $15,362 for FY'04. It reflected the following revisions.

Contractor Services for 03 - 04 was decreased by $12,000
Equipment. Maintenance & Repair in Account 5807 for '03-'04 was deleted since amount was also included elsewhere
USAS Convention for both '02-'03 and '03-'04 -- increased both years budgets to $13,000
Summer National Championships for '03-'04 is now budgeted for 25 athletes at $300 each or $7,500. (This item was inadvertently not included in the originally circulated proposed budget.)

An updated balance sheet - including updated projections to August 31, 2003 was also provided to the Board. Special exhibits showing the new initiatives included in the budget as well as those requested by Board members (but not included) were provided. John pointed out that if all the items requested by various Board members had been included in the proposed budget, the expected deficit in FY'04 would have been $33,138. A significant portion of the proposed increase was an additional $13,000 to support the PVS Officials program and $20,000 to initiate a significant PVS marketing program. (While $20,000 for marketing was not included in the recommended budget, an additional $2000 was included in the Strategic Planning program that could be used for this purpose if deemed appropriate.)

In addition the equipment Inventory provided to the Board had been recently expanded to include information on office equipment to the extent information about this equipment was available to him.

John in transmitting the budget also pointed out that the budget being submitted should permit PVS to end the year with a cash reserve of approximately $359,000 excluding the Dave Davis account. John also pointed out that "since our operating expenses for next year are projected to be about $363,000 we are close to having one year's worth of operating costs in reserve. This however does not include an estimated $37,000 replacement reserve for equipment."

This was the budget considered by the Board at its April 23 meeting.

John noted in initiating the presentation at the Board meeting that in the April 21st proposal, he neglected to reflect one revision he intended to make. This was to move $5K from Account 6100 to 7100 (Contingency to Meet Equipment) This was done in recognition that some level of equipment purchase would clearly be needed to replace lost of damaged equipment - including that from normal wear and tear.

During discussion of the budget questions were raised about what weekends it was appropriate for PVS to be paying its equipment manager to be available to support its equipment in the event problems arose with PVS equipment. It was observed that the practice of PVS paying to have its equipment manager available on weekends was started when almost all meets were PVS sponsored and there were relatively club sponsored meets on the calendar. Several Board members observed that they did not think it was appropriate for PVS to be paying for the equipment manager to be on stand-by when there were no PVS sponsored meets on the calendar that week-end. It was agreed that this policy will be revisited.

It was pointed out that interest has been expressed in allowing PVS to support its LC Zone Team in the same manner as its SC Team. If so, it was felt the support available from PVS for each team ought to be the same. The initial proposed budget had $15K for SC and $10K for LC. It was agreed that PVS could increase its LC support to $15K rather than make its support for each team equally at $12.5K each. It was noted Competition has yet to make a recommendation to proceed in this way, but this budget would mean the resources to do so would be available if they wished to make such a recommendation for summer '04.

It was pointed out that many duties previously performed by the PVS administrative office were now being done by PVS Board members on a volunteer basis. Many felt it was unrealistic to expect this to continue. John E also indicated that he had moved the compensation being paid to the PVS Equipment Manager into the Professional Services account in order to protect the confidentiality of an individual's compensation. As also discussed in the Administrative Division area, Thirl reported that there had also been tentative discussion with John Ertter continuing to help for compensation with accounting for PVS's finances after his term of office as PVS Treasurer ends. Many felt that PVS may need in addition to compensation currently be paid to the Registrar and Equipment Manager, also pay for services to for finanacial activities and general administrative support. For these reasons, the Board agreed to increase the amount in the budget for Contractor Services by $12,000 to $63.600.

$9750 has been proposed for support to PVS athletes attending the Olympic Trials. It was also proposed that this level of support be greater than that normally provided for Nationals due both to the length of the meet and the higher costs expected in the Long Beach. CA area. It was also noted that about 20 PVS athletes have already qualified for this meet and more should be expected. Accordingly, it was agreed it would be more realistic to assume 30 PVS athletes would qualify and set the anticipated reimbursement level at $600/athlete. Accordingly, $18,000 was recommended to be budgeted, an increase of $8250.

John Ertter indicated that he felt that given the quality of the financial records being kept for FY'03, he thought the cost of an financial audit could be much cheaper than previously assumed. He also suggested that PVS might be able to significantly reduce the cost by approaching a PVS parent who had an appropriate strong audit background (but who was not involved in PVS Board activities) Accordingly, the Board decided to reduce the budget for Professional Services to $2,000.

One additional area addressed was the Officiating program. It had been proposed that the level of support for this activity be increased by $13,000, but this was not reflected in the proposed budget. There was concern that this level of funding could well not be funded in future years and that it might well not well serve the purpose of improving morale if the level of effort could not be sustained in future years. Accordingly, the Board decided to include $5000 in the FY'04 recommended budget for this purpose. $5,000 in FY'03 funds was also approved to be spent for this purpose.

Several other questions regarding the budget were addressed, but they did not result in changes to the proposed budget.

Hirschmann presented to the Board proposed new meet entry fees for PVS sponsored meets during the 2003-04 season. He noted that PVS both expects to run the meets its sponsors at about a $8000 loss during '02-'03 and the entry fees for PVS sponsored meets are now less than (in some cases significantly) from those charged by PVS clubs when they sponsor their own meets. Therefore, it felt this change should be made without impacting PVS's overall budget and thus also proposed that the PVS sanction fee for club sponsored meets be dropped from $.65/splash to $.55/splash. He also proposed the fees by PVS to clubs for hosting meets for PVS sponsored meets be raised by $.25 for all meets except the PVS Open meets. The PVS Open meets would be raised by by $.40 to $1.15. As a result of this proposal, the new meet entry fees would be PVS Open Meets -- $3.50; PVS LC Sunday Meets --$3.75 and PVS Spring and Summer Championship meets and PVS Distance Meets -- $5.00. The Board approved this recommendation and asked that the budget submitted to the House for its consideration reflect this proposed change.

In summary, several revisions mere made to the proposed '04 budget as a result of these discussions. As a result, a motion was made to adopt the proposed '04 budget with the following additional revisions.(account numbers in parenthesis)

Add $5K to net amount for LC Zone (5320 less 4420) in '04
Add $8250 for Olympic Trials in '04 (5725)
Add $12K to Contractor Services in '04 (5805)
Reduce Professional Services by $8K in '04 (5830)
Increase Officials Support $5K in both '03 and '04 (5550)

The Board approved submitting to the House this amended budget for FY'04.

As part of the budget presentation, John Ertter also reported that he had met with Don Smith, Bill Stephens and John Hirschmann to review PVS's inventory of equipment and assess future needs. As a result, a request for approximately $25,000 worth of equipment was developed. (see Schedule C). John E explained that in addition providing for normal maintenance, the request (if approved) would allow PVS to have sufficient equipment to run (electronic timing, table support equipment) 3 meets concurrently and have a prudent level of spares available. (The House of Delegates had affirmed the goal of having the capacity to support 3 meets simultaneously at its 2002 meeting.)

Two enhancements to PVS's equipment are being proposed. Sufficient computers and printers would be purchased to allow networking of two computers and two printers at each of three meet sites. This would allow positive check-in on one computer while the other was processing results. A second printer would allow heat sheets and timing slips to be printed independently and heat sheets to be distributed in more generous quantities. New better quality and more durable radios would also be purchased as the current radios are not holding up well to the "wear and tear" they are receiving. It was recommended that given PVS's current financial status that these purchases still proceed in FY'03. The Board approved spending $25.000 in FY'03 funds for this purpose. $23,600 would be added to Meet Equipment and $1400 to Office Equipment.

Ertter had also provided the Board with a proposed revised equipment rental schedule. Due to time constraints, the Board deferred discussion on this item until the June Board meeting.

Administrative Division
Bill provided the Board with an outline of the topics he wished to discuss with the Board.

He pointed out that one remaining significant challenge for the registrar is getting coaches to submit all the documentation needed (particularly evidence of the three certifications required) to process their membership applications.

It was reported that of the approximately 6900 individuals now registered with PVS, about 6400 are athletes. (The balance being primarily coaches and officials.) Jim Garner noted that based on the data he is maintaining of PVS swims this year, just under 5000 of these athletes have participated in at least one sanctioned swimming meet.

Bill reported that many LSC's have permanent office. He noted PVS is the sixth largest and that five largest LSC's all have permanent offices. Others noted that some of the "permanent offices" listed in the USA Swimming directory are in private homes, such as PVS has had in the past.

Bill reported that in response to earlier requests of the Board, he was continuing to look for a location near the beltway between Tysons Corner and Bethesda. He identified in particular two options that he thought were still available - one sharing an office within an existing office suite and the other would be a small complete suite. The former could be quite temporary as only a 30 day (or month to month) lease would be available. PVS would be sharing space with a law firm. Presumably, PVS could use their conference room in the evening, but the expectation would have to be that their needs would get first priority. The later situation (lease of a small office suite for just our use) would in contrast require a five year lease. The cost of the former would be about $12K/year, the later about $29K, including services.

The Board discussed the pros and cons of PVS renting a permanent physical office. The cost differences were significant. The suite would offer advantages in terms of permanence and sole access, but requires a long-term commitment. It was noted that PVS administrative type work is currently being done from both the Registrar's home and that of several Board members. The existence of internet, fax, ability to e-mail files, etc. makes it much less important for everything to be in one physical location than was true in the past. Also, a permanent office has the advantage of being able to focus on PVS work while there, but it also precludes somebody doing PVS work for short stretches of time or at unusual hours which is feasible if somebody is using a home office.

The Board deferred a decision on whether to rent office space. Many Board members felt that putting resources toward an office assistant might be a more effective use of PVS's resources.

There was some discussion of the future staffing to handle the several functions previously performed by the PVS Administrative Office. This includes duties performed by the registrar, controller, and the administrative assistant. It was indicated the registrar was willing to have her role expanded to include doing meet reconciliation to make sure all athletes entered into meets are properly registered with USA Swimming. She was also willing to discuss the possibility of taking on some additional duties.-see also below regarding the handling of PVS mail.

Thirl acknowledged he had discussions with John Ertter regarding his willingness to continue to keep PVS accounting records, process and control receipts, pay bills, etc. The possibility of other duties being included was also raised. The specific level of compensation and exact duties to be included were not provided. The Board took no action regarding this future possibility. .

Bill also submitted a marketing plan to the Board. His proposal included the the publishing of a professional quality recruiting brochure, signage at meets to promote the PVS brand name, arranging for publicity, more pageantry at PVS meets in connection with presentation, parading of athletes at finals, etc. Most board members that felt that primary responsibility for the publicity function should remain with its member clubs. Several pointed out that various PVS clubs have different objectives in terms of athletes they are trying to attract and type of training opportunities they provide. They felt it was more appropriate to not raise those funds and let the clubs determine the best use for them. Others noted the PVS clubs could approach the Board if they felt PVS assistance with a joint marketing program would be an effective way to increase interest in the PVS swimming program.

Bill reported that Sumie would be taking over from Thirl the responsibility for checking the Post Office Box mail once it is transferred to the McLean, VA post office. She will make sure that items that need to get to PVS Board members and committee chairs. Bill advised the Board that the new Post Office Box was P.O.BOX 3729, McLean, VA 22103-3729 He also indicated that Sumie would be making her cell phone (which has a 202 area code and therefore should be local call from most - if not all of PVS's territory) available to receive incoming calls to PVS.

Bill also advised that the new PO Box and phone number had been included on the 2004 athlete and non-athlete application forms that had been ordered from USA Swimming.

The Board was advised that it was planned to ask the post office to forward mail from the old post office box to the new one. However, some Board members observed that mail forwarding by the post office is not always that reliable and it might be preferable to have a Board member who lives near the current post office box to check it periodically until no important mail was being received.

Bill had also proposed an officials recognition program. This had previously been discussed with the Officials Committee in February. It has previously been discussed as part of the budget discussion. The Board had accepted the Treasurer's recommendation to reduce the level of effort to $5,000/ year to assure it was at a level that likely could be sustained in future year's budgets.

Thirl indicated that Bill would be handling the mailing to House of Delegates in his role of Administrative Vice-Chairman. In contrast to prior years, it would be sent solely by e-mail, USPS would not be used. Steps to make sure that we have current mailing addresses for all House of Delegates reps (Board, club reps, at-large and associated clubs) would be taken. There would be two mailings - the first would include the agenda, minutes of last year's meeting, report of the nominating committee and the proposed budget. It would be sent 20 days prior to the meeting. The second would contain committee reports and go about a week later.

Operations Division
John Hirschmann had provided a written report in advance of the meeting. He requested Board action on three items that were highlighted in his report..

As a result, the PVS Board approved the following three requests:

RMSC will be permitted to continue to conduct the previously sanctioned RMSC Invitational Meet on November 15-16, 2003 - the same weekend as the PVS November Open. PVS has previously planned to have its November Open on November 7-9, but had to reschedule it when PGS&LC became unavailable on that weekend due to a Redskins game. RMSC advised it could no longer reschedule its meet which had been previously sanctioned. The Board emphasized it was only granting a specific exception due to extenuating circumstances to its policy of not sanctioning conflicting meets on the weekends of PVS sponsored meets.

PM was awarded the opportunity to host the PVS LC 14/U Age Group Championship Meet on July 17-20 at GMU. The Board had previously deferred awarding this meet due to transitions occurring at the club which had historically hosted this meet. No other requests to host this meet were received.

No other bids to host the PVS LC Junior Championships on July 10-13 at GMU were received. (PM had indicated it would consider relinquishing this award if it received the PVS 14/U LC Championship Meet -- accordingly bids had been solicited.) Previous indications had been that a bid would be forthcoming, but no other bids were received.

Senior Chairman
No written report was received. Jim stated the PVS Senior Championship meet had gone well. Entries were down somewhat so only course was used for preliminaries.

Age Group Chairman
No written report was submitted. Greg York indicated he had recently started to receive inquiries regarding the status of establishing QT's for the forthcoming PVS 14/U LC Championship meet. Hirschmann indicated that he was about to commence work on them. He noted that given the feedback received at the Winter Competition meeting that in addition to establishing QT's, since this is a brand new meet format the order of events, number of heats desired, etc must also be established before QT's can be finalized.

It was acknowledged that it would be desirable to have these ready before the first LC meets the weekend of May 3-4. A commitment was made to have the QT's and MA finished prior to the Spring Competition Committee meeting on May 19.

Greg also indicated he had gotten some feedback on athlete behavior at the Eastern Zone. He said it was his impression it was not atypical for a zone meet, but might be to a coach who had not been at zones before.

Coaches Representatives
No written reports were received from the coachs' representatives.

Old Business
There was no old business presented to the Board.

New Business
Bill Marlin raised a question regarding unregistered coaches being on the deck at PVS sanctioned meets and possible procedures for dealing with the situation. He noted he was aware of some clubs permitting unregistered coaches to be on the deck. They have been advised informally of the requirements and the potential consequences of failing to comply. So far they do not appear to be responsive to the requirement to come into compliance.

The Board discussed various means for controlling the situation including the past practice of requiring coaches to present their registration card in order to get a meet program.

Next Meetings
The Board agreed to have its next two meetings on Tuesday, June 17th and Tuesday, July 22nd. Greg will determine if the meetings can be held at River Falls..

The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 p.m.