As approved at November 1999 BofD Meeting


7 PM -- OCTOBER 19, 1999
Whitman High School

The October PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Thirl Crudup, General Chairman. In attendance were Manga Dalizu, Mark Eldridge, Kerry Ellett, John Ertter, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Chris Huott, Linda Klopfenstein, Kit Mathews, Dave Scibetta, Greg York, Irene Millman and Linda Edmunds


Thirl welcomed the group and introduced his idea of how the Board of Director's meetings should run. He would like to see the meetings be complete in a 2 hour period, to this end, Chair reports will be submitted electronically and distributed to the Board for their review in advance of the BOD meeting. Additionally, he stressed that he wants to establish an atmosphere of a good working environment with a cohesive group. The goal of this group is a common one, to work to put together good programs for the swimmers. Respect for others was stressed.

Goals of the General Chair: Thirl reported that the goals for his tenure as General Chair are as follows:

  1. Work within the framework of the Policies and Procedures of Potomac Valley.
  2. Establish and carryout the Policies and Procedures, the By-Laws and the programs of Potomac Valley
  3. Operate a financially stable LSC that has a modest surplus
  4. Offer a quality product to each and every swimmer within the LSC.

World Cup Update: The World Cup will be held on 17-18 November 1999. Potomac Valley needs to provide 100 volunteers for this event. Dick Rankin is the point person and currently has 36 committed volunteers. There are a wide variety of positions available and it is requested that these be filled by adults. Dick must submit Potomac Valley's list of volunteers by 1 November. Thirl requested that the Board assist in disseminate this information to the Potomac Valley Body.

November Board of Director's Meeting: The regularly scheduled date of the November BOD conflicts with The World Cup. Motion to change the November Board of Directors Meeting to Monday, November 15th - PASSED. The Administrative Office will check with Whitman High School as to availability, notices of the date change (and location change if needed) will be distributed in advance of the next meeting.

Board of Director's Action: Thirl stated that he had authorized the purchase of a floral arrangement which was sent on behalf of the Board as an expression of condolences to a Board member and his family.

George Mason University (Manassas) Facility: Thirl stated that he had communicated with the Virginia LSC with regard to this facility. The facility is being used by a PVS club who has met the residency requirement for use of this Prince William county facility. Virginia LSC has reported no problems. The Virginia LSC will likely desire a meeting at some point in the future with the facility and Potomac Valley to discuss use of the facility for future competitions.


The August 3, 1999 minutes were approved.


Kit reported that the Configuration Committee met at Convention and has drafted a policy for the website. This policy is currently being reviewed by that committee. The goal is to officially present this at the next Board of Director's Meeting. The draft will be distributed prior to that date via email for suggestions from the Board.

Replacement for Top 16 and Records Tabulator: Marilyn Somensatto has identified a volunteer, Marie Buck who will replace her. Discussion followed with regard to registration data required by this position and an effective transmittal of this data.

Registration Report: Linda E. reported as of 10/17/99 there are 1,949 registered, 10 registered clubs, and 104 registered non-athletes for 2000. There is 1 club not previously registered with Potomac Valley which has received information about registration.

Linda E. reported that as of 10/17/99, there were 44 families subscribed for Partial Family Subscription and 10 families subscribed for Full Family Subscription for the coming year. Families who subscribed last year will not receive the October and subsequent mailings unless they renew..


John Ertter presented the attached financial report for FY 1999. Discussion followed regarding travel reimbursement costs and its effects on the financial position of the LSC. John Ertter stated that he had just gone to the LSC Treasurer's Workshop and had many ideas about running a financially stable organization. John Ertter will work toward the following:

  1. Getting the budget divided so each Committee will know how much money is budgeted to his Division and how much has been disbursed to date.
  2. Providing Balance Sheets as well as Income Statements. John Ertter stated that as a non-profit we must adhere to certain regulations, file annual reports and show our continued eligibility of this status.


Dave reported that the Configuration Committee had had a good meeting on Website Policy with full attendance including participation by the Age Group Chair. The Committee is planning to propose that only advertising will require specific Board approval; however, the Website Policy as it will be an input to the Potomac Valley Swimming Policies and Procedures will require Board approval.


Hirschmann referred to his written report which had been submitted in advance of the meeting.
John Hirschmann reported that the October Open went well. There are some concerns expressed from some of the sites with regard to equipment; however, additional training may rectify this situation.
Mark Eldridge stated that the Board should communicate to the Potomac Valley body its decision to remain with the DOS version of HYTEK's Meet Manager product until it has time to favorably evaluate the recently issued Windows version. In response to a question, he explained that the new starting systems are not as reliable as the old ones, therefore PVS is attempting to stay with the prior model as long as possible.

Manga stated concern over the change of events for the October Open meet and the communication of this change to the involved parties. Further, Manga stated that the Board needs to be careful to make it clear that it does not run on its own whim. Discussion followed. It was reported that this change to the Friday night order of events had been discussed with several people and approved by the Chairman of the Competition Division.

Greg stated that there were athletes who swam attached at the Harvest Moon meet who should have been unattached. He was advised that specific information must be presented to the Board before any action can be taken.

Irene stated that there is a feature of the registration program provided by USA Swimming which will give the Administrative Office the capability of checking registered vs. unregistered athletes as well as their state of attachment against the meet results. This reconciliation cannot be completed until after the meet. It is the responsibility of the club to educate the person who does the entries for the meets as the club could be fined for violations of this policy.


Age Group Report: Jim presenting on Ward's behalf, defers to John H. John H. stated that Saturday and Sunday events will be flipped in the January Open relative to the November Open. The time of the oldest and 11-12 age group sessions will be reversed. Discussion followed including the possibility of including longer events for younger swimmers and sprints for older swimmers. It was stated that while this idea has merit, it is impractical to implement them for the 1999-2000 SC at this point in the season as Competition will not be able to review them. It is expected the idea will be proposed for the 2000-01 SC season and possibly for the 2000 LC Season.

Mark Eldridge asked that the Board develop a policy for distribution of surplus deck passes at Zone meets with distribution that is not subject to interpretation. Linda C. will work on this and bring it to Competition to review the Policy.

Jim Garner presented various motions from the September Competition Committee meeting.

Discussion on the below items followed:
John Hirschmann stated that the Competition approved meet schedule requires more pool time than last year and which may have been budgeted for.
Greg York stated that Policy states no nominations from the floor will be made for Zone Coaches, but Competition accepted nominations from the floor. There was further discussion about the number of Zone Coaches required.
Greg York stated that the current policy for Athlete of the Year is inadequate. A committee has already been formed who will be addressing the Policy for selection. His concern about having sufficient time to review the nominations will be added to their agenda.
Mark Eldridge stated that the 13 & Over Athlete of the Year should be awarded at Sr. Champs.

After the above discussion, an omnibus motion was made to accept items 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14,15,16,17, and 19. Motion PASSED.

Motion to Pass Item 3 on the Competition Minutes clarified to read: Motion on format: Age Groups will be 9, 10 & Under, 11, 12 & Under. Swimmer can only swim a particular event in one age group (100 Breast only as 12 & Under, or 11 not both). PASSED.

Motion to NOT accept Item 9 "Motion to vote on written ballot for the balance of the four slots." PASSED.

Motion to accept Item 11 as rewritten to read "Motion to select the two fastest applicants, Time trials times will not count, Times from Sept 1, 1999 to close of SCY SR Champs are applicable for athletes 13 & over, Times from Sept 1, 1999 to close of SCY AG Champs for 12 & under athletes are applicable." Motion PASSED.

Jim Garner introduced the items for discussion brought forth from the Competition Committee. A discussion followed about the Whistle Start and No Recall Procedures. A motion was put forth to approve items 1 and 2 on the Competition Committee Discussion list. PASSED.

Competition Discussion Item #3: There was discussion of the minimum requirement, the intent of having a requirement, and the effect on the LSC.

Motion to set Spring Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 6 events at PVS Sponsored Meets. FAILED. Discussion followed.

Motion to set Spring Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 9 events at PVS Sponsored Meets. FAILED. Discussion followed.

Motion to set Spring Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 9 events in meets held in PVS which are open to all PVS swimmers. FAILED. Discussion followed.

Motion to set Spring Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 9 events, at least 6 of which must be in PVS Sponsored Meets and the remaining 3 which must be in PVS Sanctioned Meets. PASSED.

SUMMER TRAVEL CRITERIA: Competition Discussion Item #4. There was a discussion regarding Summer Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement. Concern was expressed over setting a requirement too high during a very short and very busy season -- particularly in a Olympic Trial year.

Motion to set Summer Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 3 events at PVS Sponsored Meets. Motion FAILED. Discussion followed.

Motion to set Summer Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 6 events 3 of which must be in PVS sponsored meets and the remaining 3 which must be in any PVS sanctioned meet. Motion FAILED.

Motion to set Summer Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement as 4 events 2 of which must be in PVS sponsored meets and the remaining 2 which must be in any PVS sanctioned meet. Motion PASSED.

US OPEN TRAVEL CRITERIA: Motion to use travel criteria used for the 1999 LC season as the travel criteria for the 1999 US Open meet. Motion PASSED.

The Board agreed it would be very likely to favorably entertain an appeal for athletes who were previously ineligible for travel assistance due to residency requirements, but now are qualified with regard to residency but have failed to meet the criteria above because they felt they were ineligible due to residency requirements.

Level of Travel Reimbursement: There was discussion of the amount of a trial share and the budgeted amount. It was recommended that the travel shares be reduced by $50 each across the board. Greg York stated that absence of Junior meets will cut out much of what is now paid for travel starting in 2001.

Reimbursement rates, Competition Discussion Item #5 -Motion to table the issue of reimbursement rates for travel shares. PASSED.

Competition Discussion Item #7 - There was discussion of the Board's need to discuss how to handle the "ownership" of the Olympic designation, which is controlled by the IOC. Motion to accept this item as brought from Competition. PASSED.

There was further discussion of the Zone Coaching Staff and the number of coaches actually required. The Motion to accept the "floor nominated" Zone Coaches from Competition having already failed, a solution was required. Discussion followed.

Motion to have Potomac Valley Swimming will solicit (via Flash mail) further applications from the coaching body due by 10 January 2000 and then sent back to Competition at its January meeting. PASSED.

Thirl stated that Competition should research the question of the number of coaches required. Travel Assistance for 1999 LC Season: The travel committee had reviewed all the requests. Linda K. stated the following:

  • 5 swimmers were cut to shares, this number was changed to 6 upon proof by a Board member that it was appropriate;
  • One athlete appealed who didn't need to appeal, the athlete was already eligible;
  • One athlete never swam an event for which assistance was requested, in any PVS meet. Reimbursement denied and motion to fine the Club this athlete was representing. PASSED

Discussion followed about travel reimbursement for Open Water events. There is currently no Policy with regard to this. Motion to table decision about Open Water and several other USA sponsored meets until a until a Policy regarding reimbursement has been adopted. PASSED.

Motion to pay swimmers who appealed with detailed information about illness. PASSED.

Linda K. described a situation where several parents had filed appeals, because the coach had failed to apply. The travel committee recommends that the Club be reimbursed with the stipulation that payment must be remitted to the parents. Discussion followed.

Motion to allow payment to be made to parents - FAILED.

It was pointed out this club has previously been warned about the need to file timely for travel assistance. Past practice has been to enforce filing deadline after a warning has been provided.

Motion to deny payment to the Club- PASSED.

Motion to fine Club who did not submit the required cover page, but pay the travel assistance for which the Club qualifies. PASSED.

There was discussion of Select Camp reimbursement and the cost of air fare.

Motion to pay airfare for Select Camp attendees who submitted requests. PASSED. It was requested the Policy be reviewed to assure that prospectively PVS only be obligated to pay the most economical fare available from any of the three Washington area airports when the athlete was selected.

Athlete Representative:

No athlete representative was present. It was noted they had submitted a written report. It was suggested that the athletes may need further guidance with regard to Convention participation and dress.

Coach Representative:

Report attached. Manga Dalizu and Greg York stated that there was quite a bit of diving in the warm up pool at October Open. Discussion followed about safety and who was responsible for monitoring safety.

Manga Dalizu stated that there was an issue about relay swimmer qualifying times at his meet and requested it also be addressed in Meet Announcement for PVS Junior SC Championship..

Greg York opened a discussion of an at-large vote for Competition committee. Mark Eldridge stated the By Laws made it clear that this was at the discretion of the General Chair. Thirl Crudup confirmed this.

Old Business:

Linda K. thanked the Administrative Staff for an excellent job at Convention. The entire Board heartily endorsed this commendation.

New Business:

Mark Eldridge stated that the Board of Review had met and had the following recommendations for the Board of Directors: 1) if a matter is coming to the Board of Review, that the Board of Directors make no comment on the case other than to direct the parties to the Board and 2) a delegate from the Board of Review be considered for attendance at Convention

Mark Eldridge also asked that there be a review of the requirement for achieving a PVS resident record He also asked that the Athlete Scholarship Policy be reviewed with the objective being that it be used when needed to assist athletes to participate in PVS or USA Swimming programs but not to subsidize travel to and/or participation in swim meets while representing a club.

Linda Klopfenstein stated that the travel committee and the Administrative Office would be interested in reformatting the Travel Assistance form. Jim Garner stated that he would like to have a line stating that when assistance is received from PVS, the reimbursement has not exceeded actual expense. The travel committee will present a new form for Travel Assistance at the November Board meeting.

There was discussion of the Competition Committees decision not to return a "priority" meet to the team who had previously hosted this and what procedure should be followed when a committee decision is questioned. Thirl stated that Competition would need to respond to how they made the decision. The previous Sr. Chair had been asked about this situation; with the change of BOD, Thirl will speak to Ward about the need to respond to this. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Edmunds/Irene Millman
Administrative Assistants