As approved at September 26, 2000 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

May 3, 2000 -- 7:00 pm
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

In attendance were:

Bob Walker CUBU Thirl Crudup PVS
Kerry Ellett CUBU Linda Crudup PVS
Kirstin Severn HACC Manga Dalizu PVS
Dave TonnesenOCCS Ward Foley PVS
Chris Huott MSSC Jim Garner PVS
Doleres Barnett MMSC John Hirschmann PVS
Mark Eldridge RMSC Linda Klopfenstein PVS
Mike Pliuskaitis SNOW Kit Mathews PVS
Peter Karl TCSD Greg York PVS
Dale Lewis TNT Victor Abrahamiam VSC
George Massey YORK

The meeting was called to order by Ward Foley, Competition Chairman at 7:09pm

Motion to approve Winter Competition Committee Minutes. - Passed

Senior Swimming:

Adding 50Y/50M Events for 13/O

Jim Garner proposed the possibility of adding 50 free and the 50 strokes (Breast, Back and Fly) to either Senior I and II as well as the Senior and Junior Championship LC meets. A copy of his written Proposal is attached.

Discussion followed which included whether the 3 event/day limit should be modified if these events were added.

Motion was made to add 50 Free to either SR I or SR II - Motion Passed

Questions were raised whether the 50's would count toward the events needed to receive PVS travel assistance. Linda Klopfenstein agreed that the 50's (either free or stroke) would count if swum at the appropriate meet. Further discussion continued regarding the effect of adding 50 stroke to the SR LC Open meets and the Championship meets, including the likely impact on the time lines and the possible placement of those events.

Jim Garner made a motion that 50 Strokes be added to the JR & SR Champ LC Meets and that 100M QT's would be used for 50M stroke events. - Motion Failed

Mike Pliuskaitis moved that 50 Free be added as the 1st event of SR I. Motion passed There was a discussion of how this would impact other events in that meet. It was proposed that the 200M IM would now be swum before the 100 M Butterfly. Motion passed

There then followed discussion regarding adding of 50 Stroke to the SCY meets for the 13 & Overs at the 2000-01 PVS SC Opens Meets. Greg York and Kit Mathews encouraged the body to consider these events at the Club level first and then gauge the interest.

Kit Mathews subsequently moved to add the 50 Strokes to the January Open keeping the event limit to 3 events per day. There was discussion followed regarding event order and placement of new events. Motion Failed

Dale Lewis moved to add 50 stroke (only one each at each of the Opens). Motion Failed

Bonus Events
Discussion regarding bonus events at SC & LC Championship meets. Kit reminded the body that it was his view the intent was to progress from JR Champs to Sr Champs, but not forgo participating in Jr Champs to swim a bonus at SR Champs instead.

More discussion followed regarding the addition of Bonus events to JR Champs SCY 01.

Motion - Allow 1 Bonus event at SCY Jr Champs 2001, regardless of the number of events currently qualified for so long as the total number of events does not exceed the maximum of 3/day or 6/meet. A friendly amendment was made to possibly limit the entries in the distance events if time constraints at meet make this advisable. Motion Passed

Reimbursement for Open Water National Championship Meets.

Garner provided the Committee with a written proposal regarding a possible Open Water reimbursement policy. A copy is attached to these minutes. Discussion followed regarding the current Open Water reimbursement policies of other LSCs. Jim Garner referred to an email sent to him regarding MD Swimming's policy.

Lengthy discussion occurred regarding qualifying times and the level at which Potomac Valley should participate in travel reimbursement for meets that are rarely if ever hosted in this LSC. Consideration was given to looking at the Qualifying times for Distance events on the Jr & SR national level, but it was pointed out that athletes competing in Open Water events frequently are not good pool swimmers. They would never make a JR or SR national QT in the mile but do exceptionally well in a similar Open Water event. Kerry Ellett informed the body that athletes participating in USA Swimming Championship Open Water events must have previous open water times in the 5 & 10K and must have met certain qualifying times.

Further discussion continued regarding whether the LSC supports only pool swimming or all swimming. Opinions were offered about support coming from the club level versus the LSC level. Per Kerry, the number of athletes participating from this LSC in open water meets is approximately 20: 6 for the 25K, 3 for the 10K and 13 for the 5K. A motion was made by Kerry Ellett to support in principle Open Water Travel Reimbursement for Open Water National Events as recognized by USA Swimming. Motion Passed.

A motion - was made by Kerry Ellett that $5,000 be budgeted as Travel Assistance for the Open Water Season. An individual athlete's share would not exceed the current JR Share.

Discussion followed. Kerry Ellett pointed out the 10 K Open Water Swim was the next aquatic event being added to the Olympics, World Championships is adding both the 5 & 25 K events and the National Team will be selected off that meet. This is a positive move for athletes and clubs. A suggestion was made that a committee be formed and review the funding process after the first year. This suggestion was subsequently withdrawn. Further discussion occurred and Mark Eldridge suggested the athletes receive 1/3 the national share for a 1 day event. Kerry responded that a 25K is really much more than a 1 day event. Greg York responded that "an event is an event."

Vote on Motion to Budget $5,000 for the Open Water Meet Season with Shares NTE Jr Share or the $5,000 budget. MOTION Passed

Slow/Illegal Swimming
Discussion regarding the letter sent to Sr Swimming Chairman by the Meet Referee of the PVS SC Senior Champs held in March, 2000 regarding a number of "slow swims and intentional DQ's at SR Champs." Lengthy discussion followed. The consensus was the coaches need to work this out before September and make a recommendation to the BoD.

Athlete of the Year
Dave Tonnesen asked to withdraw the motion he made and which was passed at the January 2000 Competition Committee meeting. He made a friendly amendment to correct a misunderstanding. Motion to return the Athlete of the Year Age Groups to 15-16, 17-18, and Open - Motion Passed

Age Group Division
Ward Foley thanked the Body, the Zone Coaches, and Zone Team managers for all their hard work at the SCY Eastern Zone Meet. He further suggested that the incoming AG Chair and the Competition Committee look at the time lines and format of AG Champs. He stated, it does not appear to be working well and should be reviewed.

LC Zone Coaches
The Admin Office provided the names of the five coaches who had applied to be a PVS LC Zone Coach prior to the meeting. Motion was made to accept the five applications received : George Massey, Evan Stiles, Bob Walker, Christian Dowd, and Rob Griffin. Motion Passed

Vote by written ballot for the Head and Assistant Head Coaches: Qualified are George Massey, Bob Walker & Evan Stiles. Election Results: Bob Walker - Head LC Zone Coach - George Massey - Assistant Head LC Zone Coach. Motion to destroy ballots - Motion Passed

SC 2000-01 Schedule
The Competition Committee was provided with copies of the 2000-01 schedule that had been approved by the PVS Board at its April 25 meeting.

Venue for October Open
Greg York presented a proposal to move the October Open out of MLK and Mt Vernon and instead swim it, (as we will for the November Open) in three courses at two venues. He stated this would save an already stressed budget $1573, and get us out of Mt Vernon where many of the coaches had indicated in the fall and winter they did not want to swim due to poor facility conditions.

Discussion followed. Motion to take the proposal to the PVS BoD and ask them to reconsider the proposed schedule. - Motion Failed

November Open
Dave Tonnesen spoke to his subcommittee's progress on how to revamp the November Open meet program to swim take advantage of being able to swim three courses at only two venues. He suggested the meet be broken by age groups with all PVS teams at each session 9-10 @ 1 site (PGS&LC), 11-12 @ 1 site (PGS&LC) both in the am and 13 & Overs @ Fairland in the evening. Discussion followed which included concerns whether there would be sufficient deck space and what the resulting time lines would likely be. John H. requested that Dave and the committee submit a more formal plan in writing so Operations could fully understand the proposal, review the concerns of the body, and make a recommendation to the BoD at the June meeting as to whether the proposed meet was operationally feasible. Such information would also be needed to prepare the MA which needs to be finalized during the summer.

Concerns were raised as to how could a change in the program be adopted by Competition since any change would have to be reflected in a released MA prior to the fall Competition Committee. It was suggested that the Competition Committee could authorize a subcommittee of itself to act on behalf of the full Committee. Tonnessen's committee was given this responsibility with the understanding that Hirschmann was part of this subcommittee.

FY 2000-01 Proposed Budget Thirl reviewed the proposed 2000 summary budget that had been approved by the PVS Board of Directors with a recommendation to the House of Delegates that it be adopted. He highlighted the basis for the key accounts and responded to questions.

Discussion followed. This included the basis for the proposed $32,00 subsidy to the PVS SC and LC Zone Teams in 2000-01

A motion was made to reduce Zone Team subsidy from $32,000 to $20,000. Passed as a recommendation of the Competition Committee to the House of Delegates

A motion was also made to reduce National Meet Travel funding by $10,000. Passed as recommendation of the Competition Committee to the House of Delegates.

Zone Report
Ward Foley asked the General Chairman how much the LSC made from the Zone meet. Thirl's response was that number has not yet been determined to date. Greg York questioned how much was made by the club - Linda Crudup passed around a copy of the Meet Directors's Financial Report that was submitted to USA swimming and the Zone. Bob Walker's provided a report as Head SCY Zone Coach and summarized his observations for the body. A copy of his complete report is attached.

Bob discussed his three main concerns as outlined in his report. Dave Tonnesen and the body concurred that Bob should prepare a report with his recommendations for the Fall Competition Committee Meeting. It was noted by several that since Bob has so much experience as a Zone coach it would be most appropriate for him to make some specific suggestions for the body to review in the fall.

Linda Crudup reminded the body of possible implications the Zone budget cut which she felt should be considered when making any recommendations.

Greg York recommended that PVS policy be modified so that the election of the Head and Assistant Head Coaches for the SC Zone team be held in September. The other assistant coaches should be elected in March before the meet when they know if their kids are going and their interest is greater. It was recommended that he take the proposal to the HoD or BoD.

Further discussion continued regarding the level of PVS support for the SCY vs. LCM Zone Teams. It was noted 75% of the LSC funding goes toward SCY Zone Team because it is an All Star Meet and the LCM Zone Team is a qualifying time meet. This in no way decreases the significance of the LC meet. It was reported that this is how the body decided the subsidy would be divided years ago.

Greg York reported on the recommendation of his committee for the PVS records policy. Minutes of that meeting are attached.

A motion was made to adopt the recommendation of the committee. - Motion Passed

The Records committee will take steps to implement these recommendations and report back to the PVS BoD and to the fall Competition Committee Meeting

Board of Directors Reports

Operations - John H indicated he was also speaking for the Admin Div and asked the Competition Division to be mindful of the lead times involved in preparing MA's and the desirability of releasing them in a timely manner. Therefore, it was important any desired changes to the fall (Sept-Dec) PVS sponsored meets be decided upon no later than the prior Spring Competition meeting, changes to the spring (Jan-Apr) by the prior Fall Competition meeting, and summer (May-Aug) by the prior Winter Competition meeting.

He provided the Operations Division Report that had also been provided the Board for its April meeting. Copy attached.

Board of Review - Mark Eldridge stated that a motion was approved by the BoD which will recommend to the House of Delegates that they increase the size of the BoR from 5 to 7 members.

Coaches Representative - Manga Dalizu reminded the body that coaches need to take a more active role in the association and one way to do that was to become a coaches representative.

Old Business

Junior Championships
Mike Pliuskaitis made a presentation how he felt that PVS championship program could be restructured to better meet the needs of the 13-14 year old athlete. He made available to the Competition Committee three motions, a copy of which is attached.

The first motion provided that the slowest "C" heat at PVS Junior SC Champs would be only be open to 14/U swimmers. 14/U swimmers who qualified for faster heats would be expected to swim in those heats. The motion was amended to have the "C" heat only be only to 13-14 swimmers. There was discussion as to how the "C" heat would be reflected in team scoring.

There was also discussion as to current capability of the Meet Mgr software (either DOS or Windows version to handle this). The meet host indicated he felt this proposal was so meritorious that he would do the necessary work manually if necessary.

The other two motions pertained to (a) having separate time standards for 13-14 athletes and (b) specific time standards. The intent was to have at least 16 swimmers in the 13-14 age bracket likely to swim in prelims.

Lengthy discussion followed on the merits of the various motions, and motions # 2 & 3 were subsequently withdrawn. The first motion was amended to change 14/U to 13-14 year olds. The amended motion read as follows:

"Beginning with the 2000/2001 season, to implement a 13/14 final heat at the short course PVS Junior Champs. This heat will replace the current 'C' final heat. The finals format therefore becomes:
  • 'A' Final open to the 1st to 8th place competitors, regardless of age, based on the preliminary heat results.
  • 'B' Final open to the 9th to 16th place competitors, regardless of age, based on the preliminary heat results. (alternates shall be 17th and 18th place competiors aged 15 and over)
  • 'C' Final restricted to competitors aged 13 & 14, who did not place in the top 16 based on the preliminary heat results. (alternates shall be the 9th and 10th place competitors aged 13&14 who did NOT place in the top 16 based on the preliminary heat results.) MOTION PASSED.

Zone and Sectional Meets
As a separate matter, a question was raised as to who was bidding for the Eastern Zone SC Meet in 2001. Thirl responded as of this time no team had come forward with an official request to bid SCY Zones. He stated that any team wishing to bid for Zones should notify Thirl directly and be prepared to make a presentation at the Zone meeting scheduled for May 13th in Crystal City.

Also, teams are were advised that letters of intent to bid for EZ SC Sectionals in the Spring of 2001 need to be in the office by May 8th

Linda Klopfenstein provided a written presentation on how to "simplify the procedures for applying for meet travel reimbursement." A copy is attached to these minutes. A form for submitting an athlete assistance appeal was also provided. She asked that comments be directed to her via voice or email. Discussion followed and the general comments included concern for the $50.00 filing fee to make a challenge. Linda responded that these challenges should not be taken lightly and if submitted with proof from the PVS database should not require a $50.00 challenge fee. Linda stated she would collect all the comments and relay them to the BoD at the June meeting.

A motion was made to adjourn and the Committee adjourned at 10:32pm

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Millman

Potomac Valley Swimming