As provisionally approved at October 2001 BofD Meeting


7:00 PM -- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 2001
River Falls Community Center
Potomac, MD

In attendance were Thirl Crudup, John Blaschke, John Ertter, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Bill Marlin, Kit Mathews, Greg York, Irene Millman and Linda Edmunds.

Executive Session:
Thirl called the Executive Session to order at 7:30.

Issue #1
The matter pertained to an athlete representing a new club in competition less than 120 after they competed for their prior club.Motion that no further action be taken against the involved club. PASSED.

Issue #2
The matter pertained to a club's performance in hosting PVS sponsored meets during the 2000-01 season. The matter had been discussed previously by the Board at its July 23, 2001 meeting. Motion that a friendly letter be sent to the club stating that the Board was impressed with the presentation however the Board cautions that it will be monitoring the submission of its paperwork and its performance is hosting meets. PASSED.

A club did not appear at the meeting at the time scheduled for its appearance.. Motion that the club which failed to send a representative to the meeting be fined $100 per offense as stated in P&P and that no further entries be accepted from this team until the fine has been paid. PASSED.

NOTE: It was brought to the attention of the Board the next day that the team which failed to appear had in fact sent a representative to the previously announced meeting Accordingly, the Board agreed to hear the matter at a Special Board of Director's meeting held on October 10, 2001.

General session called to order.

Approval of July minutes: Linda E. noted that the following sentence: "John H. said he believes that Board can mesh the ideas, if already done, we tell them we know they did it wrong." has been deleted and that a housekeeping typographical error has been corrected.

Motion to accept the July 2001 Board of Director's Meeting minutes. PASSED.

Treasurer's Report:
John E. presented his report as attached.

Motion that a $5000 donation be made to the relief efforts in connection with the tragedies of September 11, 2001., The Board agreed to determine the appropriate charity(ies) to receive this donation at its October meeting. PASSED.

General Chairman's Report.
Thirl presented his report.

New Business:

Athlete Representative:
None present.

Competition: The Board addressed the following recommendations which the Competition Committee had made at its September 20, 2001 meeting

Fall Competition Committee Meeting Motions List

  1. Accept the elected Zone Coaches George Massey - Head Coach
    Evan Stiles - Assist Head Coach

Motion to accept - PASSED.

  • Accept 2002 LC Schedule as recommended by Competiton Committee Friendly amendment that Change Jr. Champs from 7/12-14 to 7/19-21.
    Change AG & Sr Champs from 7/18-21 to 7/11-14.
    Motion to accept the proposed schedule with the above amendment - PASSED.

  • Accept attached SCY schedule for 2002-03 as recommended by Competition Committee with reasonable flexibility to move March Championship meets as far away as possible from HS Champ meets and to adjust Oct and Nov Open dates to accommodate Redskins' Schedule conflicts with PGS&LC -
  • Motion to accept: PASSED.

  • Sessions at SCY Champs not to exceed 3.5 hours Motion to accept. FAILED. Motion that the Board set time standards such that the SCY Champs meet will have preliminary sessions with a goal of not exceeding 3.5 hours. PASSED.

  • All College Athletes should be treated equally regarding travel reimbursement regardless of location of college attending Motion to accept. PASSED.

  • No NO Time, Non-conforming or converted time entries for PVS LC JR Champs. Motion to accept. PASSED.

  • Accept Outstanding athlete awards 2000-2001


    10 & Under

    Morgan Ribar




    Nilasha Ghosh




    Leslie Swinley




    Amanda Burke




    Rachael Burke




    Marshi Smith




    10 & Under

    Sean Stewart




    Phillip Hinrichsen




    John Kreitler




    Michael Ott




    Yuri Sugiyama




    Ed Moses

    Motion to accept. PASSED.

  • Accept Distance Awards
    Women Distance Awards
    Yards - 1000 Free Rachel Burke CUBU 9:42.39 at Sectionals 3-15-01
    Meters - 800 Free Rachel Burke CUBU 8:45.02 at Santa Clara 6-28-01
    Men Distance Awards
    Yards - 1650 Free Steuart Martens CUBU 15:54.94 at Sectionals 3-15-01
    Meters - 1500 Free Yuri Suguiyama CUBU 15:59.39 at Summer Nationals 8-14-01
    Motion to accept these awards based on the information available in the PVS searchable database . PASSED.
    (If no one brings to that attention of the Competition Committee Chairman a faster time, the above times will be presumed correct).

  • Accept award presentation of older swimmers at SCY Champs and younger swimmers at 14 & Under JO's Motion to accept , if an athlete has aged up and is unavailable to attend the presentation, then the award will be presented at the meet in which the athlete participates

  • Motion that travel assistance for the 2002 Spring Nationals be set at $450/athlete with a participation requirement of 9 events, 6 of which are at a PVS meet. PASSED.

  • Age Group Division:
    Report attached.

    LC Zone Meet Report
    Report attached.

    Senior Swimming
    Report attached.

    Travel appeal #1: Athlete meets all residence requirements and participated at the National meet representing the PVS club, but was unable to participate in local PVS competition due to full time attendance at college. Motion to pay. PASSED.

    Travel appeal #2. Athlete attended college locally and reimbursement for travel was not previously granted due to failure to meet the participation requirements.

    Motion to pay this travel appeal making any athlete who attended college locally but was not previously granted travel assistance and represented their club at the National meet retroactive to the beginning of 2001 be advised that there will be consideration. FAILED.

    Administrative Division:
    Report attached

    Motion that the contribution of $200 which was received by the Administrative Office be applied toward the Mini Camps program. PASSED.

    It was agreed it would also be appropriate for the Operations Division to review the proposed agreement to be signed by all Meet Directors.

    Strategic Planning:
    As attached.

    Operations Division:
    As attached.

    Coaches' Representative
    As attached.

    Old Business
    No motions made.

    Kit announced that the USA Swimming Summer 2003 National Championships will be held at the University of Maryland.

    Motion to Adjourn at 10:00p.m. PASSED.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Linda Edmunds
    Potomac Valley Swimming
    Administrative Assistant

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