As approved at April 3, 2001 BofD Meeting


7:00 PM -- TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2001
Whitman HS - RoomA218
Bethesda, MD

The meeting was called to order by the General Chairman, Thirl Crudup at 7:10 pm. In attendance were John Blaschke, Thirl Crudup, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopenstein, Kit Mathews, Bob Walker, Greg York, Ward Foley, Irene Millman, and Linda Edmunds.

Approval of the January BOD Meeting Minutes
Motion to accept the January BOD minutes as distributed. PASSED.

General Chairman's Report
Written report submitted.

Thirl added that the USA Swimming Outreach Committee met the previous weekend in Washington in conjunction the 15th Annual Black History Meet so that committee members could observe the meet and have a presence among the athletes. He stated that currently under preparation is an Outreach Manual, which will become a part of the USA Swimming club toolbox. Solomon Robinson is the Potomac Valley Swimming Outreach Coordinator. In response to a question, Thirl replied that PVS is in the top 5% for diversity. Greg asked if Solomon began to participate in Board meetings would be of benefit to the program. Thirl said that Solomon's attendance at the PVS Board of Director's meetings would not have an affect on the program. Kit asked if the county sponsored programs within PVS were developing Outreach programs. Ward stated that his county was looking to start a program this spring. There was discussion of the structure of the Black History Meet.

Treasurer's Report
John E. presented the financial position of the LSC. There was discussion of the budget expectations.

Jim Garner and John Blaschke arrived during this portion of the meeting.

Athlete Representatives
Coco stated that Kelly and she had each received a few emails based on the webpage link. Coco discussed the issues which had been raised; including playing the National anthem at all meets, additional 11 - 12 distance events, and questions regarding a pool to be built. Coco also discussed with the Board an email regarding the Junior Olympic meet, its structure and name change. Various Board members provided her with background regarding about how she might respond to these items.

Bob Walker arrived during this portion of the meeting.

Administrative Division
The attached written report had been submitted.

Eric Moore is now Awards Chair. Ward Foley asked if there was any concern regarding the availability of the facility for the March 1 - 4 PVS SCY Championship Meet.. Irene stated that PVS has received a contract from the facility for this meet.

Competition Committee Report
The following motions were brought forward from the Competition Committee meeting of January 21, 2001.

  1. Coaches representatives should make a motion at the HOD for the 2001 Coach election to be a mail-in vote and to move the election to the championship meets in March for the 2002 election. Coaches' representative, John Blaschke agreed to make the motion at the HOD meeting in May 2001. No action was required or taken by the Board of Directors with regard to this motion.

  2. To poll the recipients of the Outstanding Athlete Awards and determine if they would be at one of the championship meets and if possible present their awards to the at the PVS championship meet in which they would be participating. . No action was required or taken by the Board of Directors with regard to this motion.

  3. PVS should resume recognizing the outstanding Male and Female distance swimmer of the year, which would be the fastest 1650 SCY Male and 1000 SCY Female performance from the prior twelve month season (using the same dates as for the Outstanding Athlete) and honoring them along with the other Outstanding athletes. There was discussion of this motion. A friendly amendment was made to also honor the fastest 1500 LCM Male and 800 LCM Female.

    Motion to recognize the outstanding Male and Female distance swimmer of the year, fastest 1650 SCY Male and 1000 SCY Female as well as 1500 LCM Male and 800 LCM Female performance from the prior twelve month season (using the same dates as for the Outstanding Athlete) and honoring them along with the other Outstanding athletes. PASSED.

  4. Continue Travel Reimbursement as set for the previous year. $450 for National Championships and $250 for the US Open (4 events - at least 2 of which are from PVS sponsored meets during the Summer 2001 season will continue to be required to be funded for National Champs -Summer 2001 and US Open (Dec 2001).

    Motion to set the rate for travel reimbursement for the National Championship Long Course meet held in Summer 2001 at $450 and the rate for travel reimbursement for the US Open meet held in December 2001 at $250 with a meet participation requirement of 4 events during the 2001 LC season (at least 2 of which must have been in PVS sponsored meets.) PASSED.

  5. To accept the PVS Short Course 2001-2002 schedule as attached. Jim Garner stated that he would discuss the schedule as presented but initially defer discussion of the December Championship meet which would be discussed at a later time in the meeting. Kit inquired about the date for the 2002 Sectional meet. Jim Garner stated that this date would not be known until at least the Eastern Zone Meeting. There was discussion of pool availability during the month of February.

    Motion to accept the PVS Short Course 2001-2002 schedule as presented (excluding the December Championship meet) with the age-group for the February distance meet changed to be "Open". PASSED.

    There was then discussion of the December championship meet. Irene stated that the George Mason University facility is not available for the December 13-16 time period. She further stated that she did not yet have confirmation on the availability of this facility from December 6-9 and that she had not yet been able to check with FCPA. Thirl asked if this is intended to be a PVS sponsored meet. Jim G. responded yes and further stated that there had been a fair amount of interest expressed in having a PVS sponsored Championship meet in December. Greg stated that this meet should be a PVS sponsored meet. Ward stated that the perception that a previous PVS General Chairman had handed the December Championship meet to a club was inaccurate. He stated that when he held the position of Age Group Chairman, he and the person holding the position of Senior Chair at that time had made the decision. Ward further stated that in response to parental complaints that athletes from PVS were not making it to finals at this meet, was that this should be reason for the PVS athletes to swim faster.< /p>

    Greg stated that the politics surrounding this meet and that there was a desire to have this meet qualify for the travel reimbursement qualifications as a PVS sponsored meet. He further stated that the ownership "Junior Olympics" meet lies with the Association and that it was only loaned to the club. Linda Klopfenstein discussed the history of the December Championship meets. Kit stated that it was beneficial to PVS to have this meet be club sponsored. Ward stated that earlier the December Championship meet had been designated the "Junior Olympics" meet due to the sponsorship by McDonalds. Thirl stated that he had heard the comments both at this meeting and at the Competition meeting and that there is currently a "working" meet in place. The Association is currently working towards club sponsored meets in lieu of dropping the PVS sponsored meets. He stated that PVS should let the December Championship meet be run as a Club meet.

    Motion to strike from the 2001 SC schedule the PVS Sponsored Club Championship meet. PASSED.

    Thirl stated for the record that the December Club Championship meet is great and should continue to run as a Club meet.

    Linda Klopfenstein stated that PVS was not prohibiting this meet from being used as a "swim" to count towards travel reimbursement requirements.

  6. Club meet results in which all PVS teams are invited, be referenced on the front page of the PVS webpage for a period of no shorter than 7 days and no longer than 10 days.

  7. That all PVS Board of Directors and Competition Committee Meetings be announced on the front of the PVS website for a period of 10 days leading up to the meeting with date, place and time.

    There was discussion of these 2 items. It was noted that the Webmaster is a volunteer and should not be held to strict guidance but rather work towards equity for all. John H. indicated he will take this item under advisement.

  8. Proposal that a new meet management report form be developed to include the following:
    1. Name of the meet, date, sanction number, and pool name.
    2. Club sponsoring the meet.
    3. Splash fees
    4. Total number of splashes
    5. Total expenses
    6. Total revenue

    Reason: the current form on the PVS website is out of date and meet for PVS hosted meets. No motion is required for this item. The PVS Administrative Office will work to develop a form which will follow the above listed standards.

  9. Proposal for Splash fees to be developed for all PVS Sponsored Meets.
    1. Open or Qualifier Meets       $2.75
    2. Distance Meets        $3.25
    3. Championship timed finals meets       $3.50/$6.00
    4. Championship meets with finals       $4.25/$8.00
    PVS Board of Director's may vote to increase a meet(s) based on need of unforeseen cost, but a vote of the quorum of the BOD. Reason: For uniformity in all PVS Sponsored meets.

    Linda Klopfenstein stated that theoretically this seemed like a good motion, but that research would be required before agreeing to the fees listed above. John Hirschmann stated that he felt this would be an item to be examined as part of the annual budget submission process. Thirl stated that consistency is needed. No motion was made on this item. It was agreed it will be considered as part of the annual budget submission.

  10. Donations to enhance the awards for the upcoming 14&Under Championship meet in March of this year to include caps, towels and mesh bags to be given to High point and heat winners. There was a consensus to approve this item as the meet host has commitments to receive these items as donations.

Senior Division
Jim G. stated that he had nothing further to present.

Ward F. inquired about the entry fee for the PVS Sr. Qualifier meet. Kit stated that the entry fee had been changed after the November Board meeting with concurrence of several Board members due to concerns regarding the financial viability of the meet. Kit stated that the host club would only collect a $.75 per splash fee in spite of the increase in entry fee.

Age Group Division
Bob W. had nothing new to report.

Jim Garner left the meeting at this time.

Operations Division
John H. submitted the attached report.

Separately he made a Motion that Potomac Valley Swimming Policy and Procedures Manual be amended to state that for club sponsored meets, the Meet Director has the authority to make the decision to cancel a meet based on weather or other extenuating conditions. PASSED. [Note: The PVS Operations Chairman continues to have this authority for PVS sponsored meets.]

John Hirschmann also introduced the attached motion on "Reimbursement of Lodging Expenses for Meet and Administrative Referees at PVS Meets" .He accepted as a friendly amendment that the maximum reimbursable rate be increased from $37.50 to $50 per day.

Motion that Meet Referee and Admin Referee for National Certification meets held within PVS be reimbursed (if required) for actual lodging expenses up to a maximum of $50 per day PASSED.

John H. stated that there had been good cooperation in receiving information concerning observed (high school championship) meets held in both the PVS and VA LSC's. This will allow prompt verification if these times are submitted for PVS zone team consideration, etc. Ward Foley asked how many meets had been observed in Virginia. John H. stated that only a few had been picked.

Strategic Planning
Thirl stated that this position had been vacant since Greg Stephenson was to assume the position on September 1, 2000 and that he had received Greg S's resignation. He stated that he was recommending that the Board consider Greg York for this position as he has been involved in the Association for many years. There was discussion of this position and the duties it entails. Greg's views on the role of this position on the Board were sought and Greg responded.

It was pointed out that under PVS by-laws, the Board's action would apply until the next regularly scheduled House of Delegates meeting in May 2001.

Motion to appoint Greg York as the Strategic Planning Chairman. PASSED.

Coach Representatives
John Blaschke submitted the attached written report

Old Business
There was discussion of the scoreboard proposal made by Rockville Montgomery Swim Club. Irene stated that the association would save approximately $2700 based on the rates PVS would have otherwise have been expected to pay. Kit asked that there be an agreement on the minimum number of days per year the pool would be available for use by PVS. Irene stated that it would be available for 2 days for distance meets and 3 Sunday mornings for Long Course meets. There was further discussion of the proposal.

Motion that Potomac Valley Swimming help underwrite the purchase and installation of a new scoreboard in the amount of $3000 for the outdoor long course pool at the Rockville site of Rockville Montgomery Swim Club. This is subject to receiving a written contract stating that the rental rates will be guaranteed for a period of 3 years. PASSED

New Business
It was agreed the next Potomac Valley Swimming Board of Directors meeting will be held at 7pm on April 3, 2001 at Walt Whitman High School. It was also agreed that the annual PVS House of Delegates meeting will be held at 7 pm on May 22, 2001(location to be determined).

There was discussion of fines resulting from incorrect times that may be entered into the forthcoming Sectional meet and who would retain the fine. The sponsoring club has been requested to obtain verification of entry times for all swims were the meet QT is not achieved. It was further stated that it was expected very few if any times would not be able to proved.

Motion to suspend the Potomac Valley Swimming policy and to allow the fines collected as a result of incorrect time entries for the 2001 Sectional meet be paid to the host club, provided that the host club present to the PVS Board a report of said fines. PASSED.

Thirl stated that a late travel reimbursement request had been made on behalf of a team. He read the email which had been submitted which provided justification pertaining to extenuating circumstances for the late filing.

Motion to reimburse the club for whom travel assistance was requested. PASSED.

John H. asked if the PVS Board of Review had met to hold its election for the year commencing September 1, 2000. John suggested that if the past chairman does not take the initiative, that Carol Nickel (as the most senior of the Board) be contacted and asked to conduct the elections.

Motion to adjourn at 10:00. PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Edmunds
Potomac Valley Swimming
Administrative Assistant

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