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Report of Occurence Form (on-line version)

Registration Forms for Athletes and Non-Athletes

PVS Transfer Form for Athletes
PARENTS: If you have changed teams this year, you must submit a transfer form to the PVS Registrar. This form is available online. Please use the above link to complete your transfer form & submit to PVS. Your registration with PVS will not be complete without this form.

PVS Expense Reimbursement Form

PVS Application for Sanction (COVID-19)

PVS COVID-19 Meet Announcement Template

PVS Template for Required Supplemental COVID-19 Meet Sanctioning Information

PVS Observed Meet Sanction Request (Form B) - season culminating meet (updated: 4 Sep 2019)

PVS Observed Meet Sanction Request (Form A) - non-season culminating meet

PVS Approved Meet Sanction Request (Form D) - for open competition

Coaches Continuing Education Application Form

Equipment Rental Order Form & Price List (updated: 1 Sep 2020)

Meet Director's Financial Report (updated: 22 Oct 2018)

Associate Membership Application Form (updated: 29 Jan 2016)

2020 US Open Athlete Travel Assistance Information

PVS Travel Assistance Instructions, Coaches Application, and Athlete's Certification
(updated: 29 Jan 2016)

PVS Club Registration Form

Request for Credit for PVS Meet Entry Fees for Outreach Athletes (updated: 2 Apr 2018)

USA Swimming -- Foreign Travel Permit Request

PVS Master Entry Form 8x14 Format

PVS Master Entry Form 8x11 Format

Team PVS Travel Policies

PVS Code of Conduct


Forms for PVS Officials