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(December 2022) Registration procedures for the 2023 registration year (beginning 9/2/2022) have changed. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Registration consists of four parts: (1) USA Swimming registration, (2) Background screen through USA Swimming, (3) USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training, and (4) Concussion Training. You need to be current in all four parts to be in good standing. You can check your status on the USA Swimming website in your New USA Swimming Account.

USA Swimming and Potomac Valley no longer mail out registration cards to officials. You can print your own from your New USA Swimming Account

1. USA Swimming Registration

New Officials - Those wishing to become USA Swimming/Potomac Valley Swimming officials will fill out the PVS New Officials Registration Form.

Returning Officials - Register with USA Swimming for the 2023 registration year through your New USA Swimming Account. You should see a message that your registration is expiring, click on VIEW next to the message to enter the registration process.

PVS will reimburse the 2023 registration fee for returning officials who have worked at least ten sessions in PVS-certified (and apprentice) positions at PVS-sanctioned meets in the current calendar year. Observed meets, approved meets, and meets outside of PVS are not counted. Sessions in positions that PVS does not certify (e.g., MA, CC and TC) do not count. If you qualify for reimbursement you will be sent a link to the reimbursement request form after you register with USA Swimming for 2023.

Some clubs will reimburse the first year registration for their new officials and the registration for their returning officials. Please check with your club about their policy.

1a. Create a USA Swimming Website Acccount

(all officials must do this for 2023 as the old accounts are no longer available)

New Officials - Create an account on the USA Swimming website. This is required so you can do the background screening, the athlete protection training

Returning Officials - Create a new account on the USA Swimming website and link your new USA Swimming ID to it.

2. USA Swimming Background Screening

Even if you have a successful background screening for your job or another volunteer organization, you must submit to a background screen for USA Swimming

Log into your USA Swimming Account. Select Education->Course Catalog Click on Background Check and folllow the instructions.

PVS may reimburse you for your background screen fee. The Background Screen Reimbursement Request Form has all the details and eligibility requirements.

3. USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training

The Athlete Protection Training is a free, online course. It takes about one hour to complete.

Log into your USA Swimming Account. Select Education->Course Catalog Click on Athlete Protection Training and folllow the instructions.


4. Concussion Training (one-time requirement)

Concussion Training is a one-time requirement that must be completed as part of registration. The training is brief and free. Two sources of training are given below. Once you complete your training, please forward the certificate to the PVS Registrar at registration@pvswim.org.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations)

Note that you have to add the NFHS test to your "shopping cart" and checkout—even though the course is free. The CDC course is pretty much straightforward click and go.