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Chief Judge Certification

Note: Obtaining National Certification (N2) as a Chief Judge will be accepted for certification within PVS in lieu of steps 2-9

Certification Requirements

updated 02/2020

  1. Age - 18 years or older
  2. Prior to beginning training, be certified as a Stroke & Turn Judge for at least one and one half (1½) years and have worked at least 24 sessions as a Stroke and Turn Judge since certification.
  3. Attend a PVS conducted Chief Judge's Clinic prior to beginning apprentice sessions
  4. Be registered as a non-athlete with USA Swimming
  5. Serve on-deck as an apprentice with a PVS certified Chief Judge or Referee at a minimum of six (6) different sessions at a minimum of two different PVS-sanctioned non-Officials Qualifying meets*; Two sessions may be done at a USA Swimming sanctioned meet outside of PVS if the mentor is a certified PVS Chief Judge. At least four (4) apprentice sessions must use radios. Recommend a minimum of three (3) stroke briefings and one (1) jurisdiction/protocol briefing with equipment during apprentice sessions.
  6. Perform to the satisfaction of the Referee and have such performance reported to PVS on the PVS Chief Judge Evaluation Form
  7. Pass the USA Swimming Recertifying Stroke & Turn Test, and the PVS Chief Judge Test with a combined grade of at least 85%.
  8. Be favorably observed at the last training session** by a designated PVS evaluator. Prior to setting up the evaluation session, the apprentice must submit the PVS Officials Evaluation Readiness Request Form to the PVS Certification Officer to ensure that all pre-evaluation requirements have been met and receive confirmation back. The evaluation must be performed at a session using radios. The evaluation will be recorded on the Chief Judge Evaluation Form.
  9. Complete certification requirements within one year from the date of Chief Judge clinic.
  10. Certification is good until the December 31 following two years after the date of issuance.

Recertification Requirements

  1. Previously certified by PVS or another USA Swimming Local Swim Committee (LSC) as a Chief Judge
  2. If from another LSC, fulfill all relevant requirements of the PVS Officials' Transfer Policy.
  3. Work at least four sessions per year at PVS-sanctioned meets, at least two of which will be as a Chief Judge, and at least one as a Stroke & Turn Judge. Of the total session worked per year in all positions, a minimum of four must be at PVS-sanctioned non-Officials Qualifying meets.
  4. Attend a PVS conducted Chief Judge Clinic at least once every two years
  5. Pass the USA Swimming Recertifying Stroke & Turn Test, and the PVS Chief Judge Test with a combined grade of at least 85%.
  6. Maintain valid USA Swimming registration
  7. Submit the online PVS Officials Recertification Request
  8. Recertification is good for two years after the date your prior certification expired. Recertification also renews Starter (if previously certified) and S&T.

* Excludes all Freestyle sessions and observed and approved meets, such as high school, college, and masters competitions. No more than one training session may be at a mini-meet.

** Mini-meets and all Freestyle sessions are not eligible for final checkout session.