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Timing System Operator

Timing System Operator Voluntary Training

Per USA Swimming rules as of 1 Feb 2024, there is no Timing System Operator certification. This volunteer training program can be used to learn about the Timing System Operator position and gain experience before working the position on your own.

If you choose to use this as a building block towards becoming a certified Administrative Official (AO), some of your timing system operator training sessions may count toward AO certification. Please review the Administrative Official certification requirements.

Voluntary Training:

  • Complete the Timing System Operator Training (online)
  • Review the training materials for TIming System Operator
  • Work apprentice sessions as a Timing System Operator.
    • It is recommended to apprentice at multiple meets with multiple mentors.
    • Use the ETS Evaluation Form as a guide for the skills need to be successful at the position.
    • If you choose to do four mentoring sessions and an evaluation session, submit a copy of your completed Timing System Operator Evaluation Form after your last evaluation/mentoring session.

It is suggested that you work the position regularly to maintain your skills.