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Meet Referee Certification

Note: PVS Referees with Meet Referee experience prior to 2017 will be grandfathered into the Meet Referee certification.

Certification Requirements

updated 08/2018

  1. Be a certified PVS Deck Referee.
  2. Be a certified PVS Administrative Official.
  3. Serve on-deck as a Deck Referee at a minimum of ten sessions. The ten sessions must be at a minimum of four PVS Sanctioned Meets*.
  4. Serve as an Apprentice Meet Referee at a minimum of one PVS Sanctioned Meet* (of at least three sessions). Apprenticeship must include pre-meet planning and post meet responsibilities.
  5. Be recommended to the PVS Officials Chair by the Mentoring Meet Referee using the PVS Meet Referee Apprentice Report.
  6. Certification remains effective as long as PVS Deck Referee certification is maintained.

Recertication Requirements

  1. Maintain your PVS Deck Referee certification.

* Excludes observed and approved meets, such as high school, college, and masters competitions