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Officials Education Travel Reimbursement

Updated October 18, 2023

Application for PVS Officials Travel Reimbursement

Application must include completed Expense Report and receipts. The Expense Report is also available as a Google Sheet that may be copied to your Google Drive.

Officials Education Travel Reimbursement Amounts for the 2023-2024 Season

A maximum of two reimbursements from the following:
Meet Maximum
Toyota U.S. Open $700
Speedo Winter Junior Championships $700
US Paralympics Swimming National Championships $500
TYR Pro Swim Series $600
18&U Spring Cup $600
Open Water Nationals & Junior Nationals $700
Club Excellence Series $600
US Olympic Team Trials $1,400
US Paralympic Trials $467
Futures Championships $600
Speedo Summer Championships $700
Zone Championships $500
Sectional Championships $500

A third reimbursement (maximum $500) may be received from Eastern Zone Championships, Eastern Zone Speedo Sectional Championships, and Eastern Zone Open Water Championships.

Background and Details

The PVS Officials Education Travel Stipend is intended to assist with an official's travel expenses to work national championship level competition. The Officials Chair through the Vice-Chair for Operations shall recommend to the Board of Directors which meets shall be eligible for reimbursement during the following competitive year (September 1 to August 31). The meets may be recommended from amongst the following: Zone meets, Sectional Championships, USA Swimming 18&Under Spring Cup meets, USA Swimming Futures Championships, USA Swimming Pro Series meets, USA Swimming Junior National Championships, USA Swimming Trials Class Meets, USA Swimming National Championships, USA Swimming Open Water Championships, and US Paralympic Swimming National Championships. Meets held within PVS’ geographical boundaries are not eligible for reimbursement.

Officials working at a qualifying meet may not receive more than their actual expenses in travel assistance. The Officials Committee shall recommend annually to the Board of Directors both the maximum to be paid per meet for meets to be held in the following competition year as well as the total assistance that may be paid for meets held during the following competition year. An official may receive up to three (3) travel stipends in each competition year, a maximum of two (2) for meets at or above the USA Swimming 18&Under Spring Cup (1 ½ stars) level. A third travel stipend request must be from an Eastern Zone sponsored meet (Eastern Zones, Eastern Zone Speedo Sectional Championships). Officials’ reimbursement will be distributed subject to the rules below. When the yearly allocation is exhausted no additional allocations will be made for meets held in that competition year. Reimbursement will be distributed subject to the rules below.

In order to be eligible for Education Travel Reimbursement, a PVS official must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The official must be registered with PVS for at least six months prior to the meet and be registered with USA Swimming through PVS as an official during the time of the meet for which they are requesting assistance.
  • The official must work a minimum of four sessions at the event for which they are requesting travel assistance. For other than the Sectional and Zone meets, the official is exptected to work the entire meet.
  • The official must have worked a minimum of 12 sessions, at a minimum of four PVS sanctioned meets (not including approved or observed meets) during the 12 months immediately preceding the request for reimbursement.

In order to receive Education Travel Reimbursement, a PVS official must do the following:

  • Notify the PVS Officials Chair of the intent to request a reimbursement upon acceptance to officiate at the designated meet, and prior to the date of the meet.
  • Complete and submit the Application for PVS Officials Travel Stipend no later than thirty (30) days after the competition for which travel assistance is being requested. Completed Expense Report and receipts must be included.

The PVS Officials Chair will review all Applications for PVS Officials Travel Stipend and certify to the PVS Vice Chair (Finance) and the PVS Treasurer that the submitting official meets all requirements for reimbursement. The PVS Officials Chair will submit a list of all recipients of a stipend and the amount of reimbursement to the PVS Board of Directors at the following PVS Board Meeting.