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Junior Official (Stroke & Turn Judge) Certification

Junior Official (Stroke & Turn Judge) Certification Requirements

Certification Requirements (completed within one year of clinic attendance):

  • Age - 16-17 years old
  • Member of USA Swimming
  • Complete and pass both the USA Swimming Foundations of Officiating course and the Stroke and Turn Certification course on the USA Swimming University
  • Minimum 4 apprentice sessions (not including observed meets) completed within one year from the month of the Stroke & Turn Judge Clinic (note that apprentices cannot make unsupervised disqualification calls). Freestyle only sessions do not count.
    • At least two different meets
    • Completion of Stroke & Turn Evaluation Form after each session affirming satisfactory performance
    • Evaluation Session may be done any time after the 3rd apprentice session (Potential evaluators )
    • Note that if evaluation is not successful, the evaluator must submit to the apprentice a written action plan within two weeks and copy the Officials Chair.
  • After successful completion of evaluation, submit Certification Request Form.
  • Certification: good until age 18. May officiate in competition below LSC Championships for 12 & Under athletes. Certification converts to certified Stroke and Turn Official once all adult membership requirements have been met.