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Become a PVS Official

Becoming a PVS Official requires the completion of two main process: becoming a registered official member of USA Swimming and completing a certification or training program.

USA Swimming Registration consists or four parts:

  • Registering with USA Swimming as a non-athlete, official member (annual requirement costing approximately $70)
  • Completing a background check (every two-year requirement) costing approximately $38 for a new or lapsed background check or $18 for returning officials)
  • Completing Athlete Protection Training (annual requirement)
  • Completing Concussion Protocol Training (one-time requirement)

USA Swimming Certification or Training

To officiate at a meet, you need to complete a certification or training program. Recent USA Swimming legislation has approved the following Certification Programs. PVS Also offers two training programs to enable volunteers to gain expertise with our electronic timing system as well as running the computer at a meet.

Certification Programs

  • Stroke and Turn Judge (entry level position)
  • Starter
  • Chief Judge
  • Referee
  • Administrative Official (entry level position)

Training Programs (not for certification)

  • Computer Operator (entry level position)
  • Timing System Operator (entry level position)

Information on USA Swimming Registration

Information on PVS Certification and Training Programs


How to check your registration/cerftification status