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2017 H.S. Graduates

Please note: The swimmers listed below do not have to be swimming in college to be on this list. This is an evolving document. PVS Clubs are requested to submit their information periodically to the PVS Administrative Assistant their PVS Senior high school athletes finalize their decisions. The list will be updated as new information is received.

Last Updated: 5/25/2017

Class of 2017
Swimmer PVS Team College
Kenny Afolabi-Brown RMSC University of Connecticut
Liam Akerley RMSC Montgomery College
Gerrit Antonisse RMSC Northeastern
Nick Arnold RMSC University of Maryland
Arona Baigal RMSC University of Maryland
Hanan Bandak RMSC Johns Hopkins University
Evan Bearman RMSC Brigham Young University
Aliza Bolling DCPR Xavier University of Louisiana
Sam Botharo RMSC Salisbury University
Anna Brown RMSC New York University
Trevor Buonomo RMSC University of Maryland
Justin Burgett RMSC University of Maryland
Conor Burns DCPR University of Maryland College Park
Daniel Chen RMSC University of Maryland
Alex Chung RMSC Cornell University
Alexa Coe FISH University of Virginia
Matthew Connors RMSC University of Maryland
Sophia Constantine AAC University of Pittsburgh
Brandon Cu RMSC University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Gillian Cutrell FISH University of South Carolina
Gianmichel D'Alessandro PM University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Kaelan Dowdall RMSC York College
Daniel Dunn RMSC Vassar College
Katie Ellett RMSC Old Dominion University
Emma Falkenstein RMSC Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Matthew Fields RMSC University of Texas at Austin
Nick Fitzwilliam RMSC Towson University
Brianna Forte RMSC Florida Institute of Technology
Ruslan Gabidouline RMSC University of California
Evie Gieseman AAC Lehigh University
Gus Gonzalez RMSC University of Maryland
Katie Grealish PM Virginia Tech
Maggie Green-Stinson DCPR SUNY Maritime College
Alekxandra Grcic RMSC St. Mary's College of Maryland
Ben Gryski PM University of Massachusetts
Lily Haeberle RMSC Clemson University
Hannah HalePMDavis & Elkins College
Jacob Halem Miami RMSC University Ohio
Chris HaryantoRMSCUniversity of Maryland
Megan HendershotMSSCFrostburg State University
Michael Heredia AAC University of Mary Washington
Ilcia Hernandez RMSC University of Maryland
Rachel Hughes FISH Virginia Tech
Theodore Jagodits RMSC Stevenson Institute of Technology
Benjamin Kaplan RMSC Hamilton College
Madison Kelly RMSC Saint Louis University
Colin Kent PM Drexel University
Justin Kim RMSC Duke University
Catherine Kincaid RMSC York College
Nayman LeungMSSCUniversity of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign
Simon Li RMSC University of Virginia
Even Lien FISH College of William & Mary
Madison Littlepage PM Dickinson College
Sophia Liu RMSC University of Maryland
Avery Manbeck PM Ohio Northern University
Greg McCarthy RMSC Catholic University
Steven McCreary FISH Virginia Military Institute
Olivia McGrath RMSC Massachusetts Institue of Technology
Thomas McGovern RMSC University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jonathan Mendley RMSC University of Chicago
Amina N'Gambwa RMSC University of Rochester
Sydney Nassetta AAC Texas Christian University
Chris Niu FISH University of California - Berkeley
Matthew Nolan DCPR University of Pittsburgh
Celine Nugent RMSC Georgia Institute of Technology
Michelle Owens FISH Harvard
Lizanne Passaro RMSC Mount St. Mary's
Ashely Piepol RMSC University of Maryland
Brendan Richichi AAC United States Air Force Academy
Ellie Ridgeway AAC Georgia Tech
Lauren RitterMSSCUniversity of South Carolina
Brittney Ross DCPR Pasadena City College
Charlie Roth AAC Trinity College
Chandler Sensibaugh AAC University of Miami
Anna Shumate AAC North Carolina State
Thomas Skinner RMSC University of Maryland
Georgia Stamper PM Clemson University
Alexa Stewart RMSC Loyola-Maryland
Parrish Stinson DCPR SUNY Maritime College
Daniel Sukink RMSC St. Marys College of Maryland
Grace Sun RMSC Georgetown University
Grace Szemraj DCPR Colorado State University
Jason Tang RMSC Massachusetts Institue of Technology
Grace Tarbrake RMSC United States Coast Guard Academy
Madison Waechter RMSC University of Wisconsin
Emily T Wang RMSC Columbia University
Leo Wang PM University of Virginia
Jonathan Wen PM University of Virginia
Jaimy WenholdMSSCWingate University
Zoe Westrick RMSC Pennsylvania State Univsersity
Claire Wolff FISH Bowdin College
Michael Wong RMSC University of Maryland
Gabriel Wools RMSC California Institue of Technology
Fanny Wu RMSC Univsersity of Maryland
Jaycee Yegher RMSC Harvard University
Eric Zimmerman RMSC Shippensburg University