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Open Water Swimming

This page is intended to aggregate all information related to Open Water Swimming in Potomac Valley. Links, or suggested content are welcome to be sent to the PVS Open Water Coordinator, Christine Haslem.

Montclair Swim Festival (Open Water Swim)

May 19, 2024, Lake Montclair, Dolphin Beach: 4398 Spillway Lane. Montclair, VA 22025

Meet Announcement

Open Water Clinic

PVS Held an Open Water Clinic for coaches and athletes on April 25, 2024. featuring National Team Coach Mohammad Khadembashi & 20204 USA OWS Olympian Ivan Puskovitch

Link to Clinic
Passcode: kj%=?6F9

General Information

Open Water swimming reached a new level of international exposure by becoming an official event at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Open Water swimming presents a unique set of challenges to swimmers. There are no lane lines, walls, or starting blocks to dictate what it takes to win. The elements often play a deciding role in determining the winner of an Open Water event. The unpredictable conditions also make it possible for women and men to compete alongside one another. Many people are excited to get involved in Open Water swimming, either for a new twist on training or to take advantage of the expanding competitive opportunities.

Open Water Safety

Open Water Swimmingis far different than pool swimming. Learning to swim safely in Open Water is vital for even accomplished pool swimmers!

Open Water Safety Study - May 2018 (Safe Kids Worldwide>

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