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This page is intended to aggregate all information related to Diversity Swimming in Potomac Valley. Links, or suggested content are welcome to be sent to the PVS Diversity Chair, Merari Chollette.

Application to Join the PVS Diversity Committee

January 2014 Newsletter

Archive of Committee News and Previous Events

USA Swimming Cultural Events and Swim Meets

Eastern Zone Diversity Swim Camp and Summit
College Park, MD
June 25-28, 2015

Diversity and Inclusion New Name and Expanded Mission

The Potomac Valley Swimming Diversity Committee assists the PVS Diversity Chair in providing opportunities in swimming to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged youth in the communities that make up Potomac Valley Swimming. Recently USA Swimming Diversity Committee changed its name and expanded its purpose helping expand the role of the committees locally and nationally. This change is now reflected in the new mission statement. Click on the link below to view the new mission statement and the expanded role of the committee.

Link to new Name and Expanded Mission from USA Swimming

Link to Diversity and Inclusion Brochure for ideas on what you can do.

Link to Presentation on why Diversity and Inclusion are important to the LSC

Potomac Valley Diversity and Inclusion Policy - Link Here for Athlete and Outreach Scholarships: http://www.pvswim.org/admin/Policy_and_Procedures.pdf pg.3

January 2013 PVS Diversity Newsletter

January 2012 PVS Diversity Newsletter

Diversity within USA Swimming, Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

Diversity Multicultural Swim Meets in the Eastern Zone

USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Page

Eastern Zone Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Page

USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Program
The USA Swimming Foundation raises funds to support programs that save lives and build champions in the pool and in life. http://www.usaswimming.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabId=2092&Alias=Rainbow&Lang=en

National Drowning Prevention Alliance
NDPA works with the USA Swimming Foundation to educate the public about water safety and promote learn to swim and drowning prevention initiatives. This includes mutual promotion of the Make a Splash program, a USA Swimming Foundation initiative aimed at provide in the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim. http://ndpa.org/home/

International Water Safety Day

In October 2011, Dr. Cecil Gordon, National Swim Official & Member of the USA Swimming Diversity Committee attended a PVS meet at the PGS&LC. He is pictured here with PVS Officials at the meet. Click on the picture to see a larger version.