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Diversity & Inclusion

This page is intended to aggregate all information related to Diversity & Inclusion in Potomac Valley. Links, or suggested content are welcome to be sent to the PVS Diversity Chair, Robert Green.

PVS College Knowledge Seminar

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee will be hosting a College Knowledge Seminar for PVS athletes, parents, and coaches on Saturday, May 13th. Please help spread the word to your swimmers and parents regarding this free event. He is the event flyer and RSVP link.

Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter - Winter 2017

Eastern Zone Diversity & Inclusion Select Swim Camp & Regional Diversity & Inclusion Summit

The Eastern Zone will host its the Diversity & Inclusion Select Swim Camp & Regional Diversity & Inclusion Summit at the University of Buffalo June 15 - 18, 2017 in an effort to identify the emerging young diverse athletes from under-represented populations in the sport. Chairs and Coaches from each LSC attend and participate in motivational and educational workshops to share experiences and. Participants from the various LSCs that comprise of the Eastern Zone would participate in a three-day program, which includes pool training, motivational, and education sessions and team-building activities.

Find out more information on the Eastern Zone Website

Details from the PVS Divsersity & Inclusion Chair, Rob Green.

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Diversity and Inclusion
New Name and Expanded Mission

The Potomac Valley Swimming Diversity Committee assists the PVS Diversity Chair in providing opportunities in swimming to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged youth in the communities that make up Potomac Valley Swimming. Recently USA Swimming Diversity Committee changed its name and expanded its purpose helping expand the role of the committees locally and nationally. This change is now reflected in the new mission statement. Click on the link below to view the new mission statement and the expanded role of the committee.

USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion web page.

Potomac Valley Diversity and Inclusion Policy - Link Here for Athlete and Outreach Scholarships: http://www.pvswim.org/admin/Policy_and_Procedures.pdf pg.3

USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Page

Eastern Zone Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Page