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2018 H.S. Graduates

Please note: The swimmers listed below do not have to be swimming in college to be on this list. This is an evolving document. PVS Clubs are requested to submit their information periodically to the PVS Administrative Assistant their PVS Senior high school athletes finalize their decisions. The list will be updated as new information is received.

Last Updated: 2/10/2018

Swimmer PVS Team College
Ian Cobb NCAP William & Mary
Sinead Eksteen NCAP Notre Dame
Isabella Gate NCAP Kentucky
Bethany Gatlin NCAP University of Nebraska - Omaha
Richard Gentry NCAP Rhodes College
Maddie Heilbrun NCAP Harvard University
Cassie Holstein NCAP Duquesne University
Alexandre LaBossiere NCAP University of Chicago
Madeline LaPorte NCAP Notre Dame
Jonathan Lofgren TOLL Hamilton College
Brooke Matthias NCAP Penn State
Lawrence Redmond NCAP Emory University
Carson Stevens NCAP George Mason University
Steven Thalblum NCAP William & Mary
Becky Wolfson TOLL Brown University
Gabby Zhang NCAP William & Mary