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Outstanding Athlete Awards


This annual award is presented to those athletes in each age group who were selected by the coaches as outstanding athletes. Beginning with the 2008-2009 season, the awards are based on performance at a single age.

The award is based solely on the swimming achievements of the athletes from September 1 to August 31.

Athletes are nominated from which the coaches make their selections.

9 yr old girlElizabeth Bryan (MACH)
9 yr old boyChristopher DeVito (NCAP)
10 yr old girlGloria Kuang (DRAG)
10 yr old boyAaron Jia (DRAG))
11 yr old girlEmma Redman (FISH)
11 yr old boyAdriano Arioti (RMSC)
12 yr old girlEleanor Sun (NCAP)
12 yr old boyMichael Mullen (NCAP)
13 yr old girlErin Gemmell (NCAP)
13 yr old boyLandon Gentry (NCAP)
14 yr old girlPaige McKenna (NCAP))
14 yr old boyBrett Feyerick (NCAP)
15 yr old girlPhoebe Bacon (NCAP)
15 yr old boyAnthony Grimm (MAKO))
16 yr old girlMadelyn Donohoe (FISH)
16 yr old boyPhilip Manoff (NCAP)
17 yr old girlEmily Hetzer (OCCS)
17 yr old boySean Conway (NCAP)
18 yr old girlCassidy Bayer (NCAP)
18 yr old boyBrandon Hamblin (NCAP)
open femaleKatie Ledecky (NCAP)
open maleJack Conger (NCAP)

2016-2017 Outstanding Athletes
2015-2016 Outstanding Athletes