PVS Athletes Committee

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Committee Description

The Athlete Committee will be a standing advisory committee that will make proposals as well as provide advice and consent to the BoD regarding governance issues that are important to athletes. The committee will consist of the following voting members chosen by the chair of the committee: ; athletes on the Officials Committee (2), the Technical Committee (1), the Competition Committee (2), the Audit/Finance Committee (1), and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (2) as well as the current BoD Athlete Representatives. The committee members (excluding the chair and BoD representatives; which will serve two, two year terms) will be allowed to serve up to three, one-year terms on the committee total. All members selected must be a current member of Potomac Valley Swimming and USA Swimming and must be at least 16 years of age. One term year will be from September 1st - August 31st. Robert's Rules of Order will govern the meetings, and majority rules on all votes.

Vision Statement

The purpose of the Athletes Committee is to better educate swimmers on the USA Swimming legislation as well as provide a better support system for athletes.

Positions for Athletes on PVS Committes

Apply here: PVS Athlete Committee Application

Audit/Finance Committee (one athlete position)

Competition Committee (two athlete positions)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee (two athlete positions)

Officials Committee (two athlete positions)

Technical Committee (one athlete position)